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Q131. Your company sells large mainframes that are delivered in one delivery but are paid for with several regular installments. What type of schedule should you set up?

A. Default Quantity Schedule

B. Default Revenue Schedule

C. Default Revenue and Quantity Schedule

D. Don't create any default schedule

Answer: B

Q132. Universal Containers is using Salesforce and has set up a privatesharing model. Sam is a sales executive who reports to John, a sales manager. Sam has ownership of the ABC

Company account record and has created an opportunity for ABC Company. There is a sharing rule that allows the finance team to see all accounts and opportunities. Which statement is about data visibility is true?

A. John andSam can see all of the same data

B. John can see all of Sam’s data

Answer: B

Q133. Why is it important to forecast sales?

A. Forecasting helps a company know what's in the pipeline

B. Forecasting allows a company tomanage revenue

C. Forecasting tells managers the percent of deals closed

D. Forecasting moves opportunities through stages

Answer: B


In Salesforce for Outlook, which related records are recommendedwhen assigning unresolved events, emails and tasks?

Answer: 1. Opportunities

2. Cases

3. Accounts

Q135. Which of the following descriptions best describe Knowledge?

A. A tool for extending pricing proposals to customers

B. A content management tool for users who seek information

C. A library that allowsaccess to documents

D. A collaboration tool

E. A data enrichment tool that maintains updated data

Answer: B

Q136. Standard fiscal years must start on January 1st.

A. True

B. False

Answer: B


How are Quotas defined in Salesforce?

Answer: Users with the appropriate permission can set their individual quota. Administrators and users with the appropriate permission can always edit any quota, and managers can always change the quotas of users that report directly to them in the role hierarchy.


As a manager, how will currencies be reported in your forecast?

Answer: Your team's forecast amounts are converted and rolled up to the managers personal currency


When using Social Contacts, what determines the amount of information a Salesforce user sees when viewing a social network profile for a contact?

Answer: 1. The user's social network connection to the contact

2. The contact's social network privacy settings


8 steps to unlocking your pipeline with opportunities

Answer: 1. Define your sales stages

2. Establish naming conventions

3. Make key fields mandatory

4. Run your forecast meetings with the pipeline report

5. Create “big deal” alerts

6. Use activities and email templates

7. Use the similar opportunities feature

8. Use Chatter to follow specific opportunities