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New EXIN,Inc ITILFND Exam Dumps Collection (Question 1 - Question 10)

Question No: 1

Which of the following is an example of proactive problem management?

A. Automated detection of an infrastructure or application fault, using event/alert tools automatically to raise an incident

B. Analysis of an incident by a technical support group which revels that an underlying problem exists, or is likely to exist

C. Suspicion or detection of a cause of one or more incidents by the service desk

D. Trending of historical incident records to identify one or more underlying causes

Answer: B

Question No: 2

Where should incident resolution targets to be documented?

A. A service level agreement (SLA.

B. A request for change (RFC.

C. The service portfolio

D. A service description

Answer: A

Question No: 3

What is the BEST definition of an internal service?

A. It is a supporting service delivered between functions of the IT service provider

B. It is any customer-facing service delivered by an outsourced provider

C. It is a service delivered to the terms of a contract which enables a customer to achieve business


D. It is a service delivered between departments or business units in the same


Answer: D

Question No: 4

How should entries in the CSI register be categorized?

A. Based on priority, urgency and impact to the business and to all its stakeholders

B. Based on small, medium or, large undertakings that can be done quickly, medium term or long term

C. Based on IT service name, cost to the business and expected outcomes to the customer

D. Based on best improvement opportunities in the organization to achieve a competitive advantage

Answer: B

Question No: 5

Which describes an interface of incident management with service level management?

A. Incident workarounds

B. Creating a problem record

C. Incident response times

D. The status of faulty Cis

Answer: C

Question No: 6

Which is the CORRECT list of metrics to support CSI activities?

A. Technology, customer and business

B. Business, service and technology

C. Customer, business and process

D. Process, technology and service

Answer: D

Question No: 7

What do major incidents require?

A. Separate procedures.

B. Less urgency

C. Longer timescales

D. Less documentation

Answer: A

Question No: 8

Which statement about the known error database (KEDB) is CORRECT?

A. It is maintained by the service desk and updated with the details of each new incident

B. It is a part of the configuration management database (CMDB) and contains workarounds

C. It is maintained by problem management andis used by the service desk to help resolve incidents

D. It is maintained by incident management and contains solutions to be implemented by problem management

Answer: C

Question No: 9

What is the BEST description of the CSI register?

A. It is a record of all authorised changes and their planned implementation dates

B. It is a record of proposed improvement opportunities and the benefits that will be achieved

C. It is a record of new services to be approved by a customer, including proposed implementation dates

D. It is a record of completed improvements and the relevant customer satisfaction metric

Answer: B

Question No: 10

What should be documented as part of every process?

A. The process owner, process policy and set of process activities

B. The service owner, service level agreement and set of process procedures

C. The policy owner, operational level agreement and set of process steps

D. The service manager, service contract and set of work instructions

Answer: A

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