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A financial customer has a remote office that requires a significant amount of computing resources, but has no local IT staff. They need simple and affordable management and disaster recovery of their site.
Which solution should you recommend to meet this customer’s needs?

  • A. HPE ConvergedSystem 300
  • B. HPE SimpliVity 380
  • C. HPE StoreOnce 5100
  • D. HPE Serviceguard for Linux

Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit.
HPE0-S54 dumps exhibit
You are installing three Synergy frames for a customer PoC in the configuration shown. The composer is unable to discover the frames.
What is the most likely cause of the problem?

  • A. Another composer is needed Frame 3
  • B. Composer 2 is in the wrong frame
  • C. The management network should be connected to the top and bottom frames
  • D. The management ring should be connected using the FLM link ports

Answer: A

You need to consolidate multiple BOMs, power requirements, and changing criteria of a Converged System due to the review of multiple reference architectures on Microsoft Exchange Server 2016. Which tool should you use?

  • A. HPE Sizer for Microsoft Exchange Server 2016
  • B. HPE Converged Infrastructure Solution Sizer Suite
  • C. HPE Sizer for Server Virtualization
  • D. Single Point of Connectivity Knowledge (SPOCK)

Answer: A

A customer is considering installing a Synergy frame in an existing rack where their c7000 chassis is currently installed.
Which question should you ask to ensure the new frame will be supported in the rack?

  • A. Are there any third party servers installed?
  • B. How deep is the existing rack?
  • C. Is there a UPS installed in the rack?
  • D. How wide is the existing rack?

Answer: B

A customer has an existing mission-critical application running on a highly available, non-virtualized UNIX platform. What should you recommend for support of their business-critical application for x86?

  • A. Processor L3 cache
  • B. Intel Xeon E5 processors
  • C. Processor hyperthreading
  • D. Intel Xeon E7 processors

Answer: C

Which product provides an interface for customers to monitor device health, hardware events, and contract and warranty status?

  • A. Intelligent Provisioning
  • B. Insight Online
  • C. HPE OneView Global Dashboard
  • D. HPE OneView

Answer: B

Where can you find customer-ready HPE content to describe the benefits of a solution you are recommending?

  • A. HPE Proposal Web
  • B. HPE OneConfig Advanced
  • C. HPE Synergy Planning Tool
  • D. HPE Single Point of Connectivity Knowledge

Answer: A

A customer is purchasing a large number of servers for a business critical application. They are concerned about return to service times and want immediate assistance with critical events.
Which HPE service meets the customer’s needs?

  • A. HPE Proactive Service Credits
  • B. HPE Proactive Care Advanced
  • C. HPE Proactive Care
  • D. HPE Foundation Care

Answer: C

You are introducing Synergy to a new customer. Which tool can you use to demonstrate the physical components of the Synergy frame and how they connect?

  • A. HPE Product Bulletin
  • B. HPE Synergy Planning Tool
  • C. HPE Product Tour
  • D. HPE PartSurfer

Answer: B

A customer requires the ability to act rapidly on ideas by creating, consuming, and reconfiguring new solutions, experiences, and business models. Which HPE server platform best meets their needs?

  • A. HPE ProLiant Rack Servers
  • B. HPE Synergy
  • C. HPE SimpliVity 380
  • D. HPE BladeSystem C7000

Answer: A

While installing a three frame Synergy solution, only two of the frames are identified during the discovery process.
What should you do to get resolution?

  • A. Remove and re-insert the standby Composer
  • B. Issue a refresh command to the enclosure
  • C. Open the front panel of the Composer, and read the error message
  • D. Validate Frame Link Module topology

Answer: D

A customer has a ProLiant DL based Gen10 server solution hosting an I/O intensive 2TB database. The customer needs to dramatically increase the performance of their existing system.
Which solution will provide the maximum performance possible for their application?

  • A. Install HPE Scalable Persistent Memory
  • B. Move the OS to an M.2 SSD drive
  • C. Upgrade the current processor to a Xeon-Platinum
  • D. Install DD4 Smart Memory

Answer: A

A customer needs a solution to run a read-intensive workload. You propose the following configuration: HPE0-S54 dumps exhibitHPE ProLiant DL380 Gen10 server
HPE0-S54 dumps exhibit HPE Smart Array P408-p SR
HPE0-S54 dumps exhibit 6 SFF SAS HDD drives
HPE0-S54 dumps exhibit 1 SSD drive
HPE0-S54 dumps exhibit RedHat Enterprise Linux 7.0 operating system
The customer needs to lower latency while minimizing investment in new SSD drives. Which HPE Storage technology most effectively lowers latency of the HDD storage?

  • A. HPE 12Gb SAS Expander
  • B. HPE Secure Encryption
  • C. HPE SmartCache
  • D. HPE SSD Smart Path

Answer: C

A customer exceeded the number of available VLANs on their network. To resolve this issue, they enabled VXLAN. They inquire about upgrading their servers with the FlexFabric 650 series NIC after this change.
What is the benefit of tunnel offload?

  • A. supports data deduplication when VXLAN is enabled
  • B. decreases memory load caused by VXLAN
  • C. supports data inflight encryption when VXLAN is enabled
  • D. decreases CPU load caused by VXLAN

Answer: D

What must a customer consider when adding a connection to a Server Profile Template? (Select two.)

  • A. Server Profiles will automatically be refreshed
  • B. The associated Servers will need to be rebooted
  • C. Additional Server Profiles will need to be created
  • D. The associated Server Profiles will be flagged as inconsistent
  • E. Server Profiles will need to be updated from the template

Answer: BE

A customer needs to maximize Hyper-V Live Migration performance. What technology will meet the customer’s requirement?

  • A. virtual extensible LAN(VXLAN)
  • B. Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE)
  • C. network virtualization using generic routing encapsulation (NVGRE)
  • D. RDMA over Converged Ethernet (RoCE)

Answer: D

A customer is designing an infrastructure and plans to host multiple tenants in the environment. The customer needs several thousand network segments to be used on a single physical network.
Which solution should the customer use?

  • A. Remote Direct Memory Access
  • B. Virtual Connect FlexFabric
  • C. Overlay networks
  • D. Data Center Bridging

Answer: C

A customer purchases a new HPE Synergy Enclosure with SY480 Gen9 nodes and plans to use a D3940 Storage Module for SQL Server 2016. Which design addition provides a Tier 0 caching solution?

  • A. Mixed-mode HBA for using boot drives (RAID) and data drives (HBA)
  • B. LFF drives for larger storage pools
  • C. NVDIMM modules for cache
  • D. HPE SmartCache

Answer: A

A customer needs a solution to support Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) and database workloads. Which Gen10 technology would optimize the environment for the customer?

  • B. Silicon Root of Trust
  • C. workload profiles
  • D. OneView

Answer: C

A customer has a two frame Synergy setup with two Virtual Connect SE 40Gb F8 modules and two 20Gb Interconnect Link Module interconnect modules. The customer needs to expand into a third frame.
Which interconnect modules should be used to extend the logical enclosure?

  • A. 2 x 20Gb Interconnect Link Modules
  • B. 1 x Virtual Connect SE 40Gb F8 Interconnect Link Modules and 1 x 20Gb Interconnect Link Modules
  • C. 2 x Virtual Connect SE 40Gb F8 Interconnect Link Modules
  • D. 4 x Virtual Connect SE 40Gb F8 Interconnect Link Modules

Answer: A

A server consolidation solution must include services other than standard HPE CarePack deliverables. What should you include in your proposal to provide the customer with an overview of the project?

  • A. terms and conditions
  • B. work timeline
  • C. scope of work
  • D. billing schedule

Answer: C

A customer needs to update the system bios on their DL380 Gen10. They are unable to download the latest Service Pack for ProLiant.
What is the most likely cause of the problem?

  • A. Embedded remote support is not enabled on that server
  • B. There is no valid SAID contract associated with their HPE passport
  • C. The maximum number of servers supported by the agreement has been exceeded
  • D. An iLO5 Advanced Premium Security Edition license has not been installed

Answer: B


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