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For the case of outbound link load balancing, which upstream link is elected by the proximity route dynamic detection feature as the best one for a destination IP address?

  • A. The link with the lowest round-trip delay to the destination IP address
  • B. The link with the lowest number of sessions
  • C. The link with the lowest traffic utilization
  • D. The link with the lowest number of packets lost

Answer: A

What is the maximum number of sites (or peers) supported in a global load-balancing solution based on FortiAD?

  • A. 2
  • B. 64
  • C. 32
  • D. 256

Answer: B

An administrator has configured all the back-end servers with a maximum warm-up state rate. Under which conditions is the maximum rate enforced by the FortiADC? (Choose two.)

  • A. When the status of a server is set to Enabled from Maintain or Disabled
  • B. When multiple health check methods have been configured for a server and some of them are failing but at least one is up
  • C. During a warm-up period, when a server is back online after a health check downtime
  • D. As long as a server keeps replying to the health check

Answer: CD

Two FortiADC devices from an HA cluster. What information can be synchronized between both FortiADC devices? (Choose three.)

  • A. Layer 4 persistence pickup
  • B. Layer 4 session pickup
  • C. HTTP persistence pickup
  • D. SNMP system information
  • E. RAID settings

Answer: ABC

To which of these objects can link policies apply in FortiADC? (Choose two.)

  • A. Link group
  • B. Gateway
  • C. Virtual tunnel
  • D. Virtual server

Answer: AC


A link policy specifies the source/destination/service matches to which the policy applies. You apply a link policy to a link group or a virtual tunnel. Reference: page 74

Which FortiADC features can be used to harden the device and server security? (Choose two.)

  • A. Antivirus scanning
  • B. FortiGuard IP reputation
  • C. Connection limits
  • D. Web filtering

Answer: BC

Based on the exhibit, which are true? (Choose two.)
FortiADC dumps exhibit

  • A. Depending on the version indicated in the PDF file, FortiSandbox will scan using only one PDF reader (either Adobe Reader 9 or Adobe Reader 11).
  • B. If there are no Internet Explorer 10 installations in your network, you can safely disable the scanning of Adobe Flash with Microsoft Internet Explorer 10.
  • C. FortiSandbox will scan all Flash applications using Internet Explorer 10. This does not guarantee safety for Internet Explorer 8.
  • D. You can safely disable the PDF scanning with Acrobat Reader 9 because PDF scanning with Acrobat Reader 11 is enabled.

Answer: AC

To which types of virtual servers can web application firewall profiles be applied? (Choose two.)

  • A. HTTPS virtual server
  • B. HTTP virtual server
  • C. FTP virtual server
  • D. HTTP Turbo virtual server

Answer: AB

WAF profiles can be applied to HTTP and HTTPS virtual servers but not HTTP Turbo virtual servers.
Reference: 0


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