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New CompTIA CAS-002 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 13 - Question 22)

Q1. Company XYZ recently acquired a manufacturing plant from Company ABC which uses a different manufacturing ICS platform. Company XYZ has strict ICS security regulations while Company ABC does not. Which of the following approaches would the network security administrator for Company XYZ MOST likely proceed with to integrate the new manufacturing plant?

A. Conduct a network vulnerability assessment of acquired plant ICS platform and correct all identified flaws during integration.

B. Convert the acquired plant ICS platform to the Company XYZ standard ICS platform solely to eliminate potential regulatory conflicts.

C. Conduct a risk assessment of the acquired plant ICS platform and implement any necessary or required controls during integration.

D. Require Company ABC to bring their ICS platform into regulatory compliance prior to integrating the new plant into Company XYZu2019s network.

Answer: C

Q2. A vulnerability scanner report shows that a client-server host monitoring solution operating in the credit card corporate environment is managing SSL sessions with a weak algorithm which does not meet corporate policy. Which of the following are true statements? (Select TWO).

A. The X509 V3 certificate was issued by a non trusted public CA.

B. The client-server handshake could not negotiate strong ciphers.

C. The client-server handshake is configured with a wrong priority.

D. The client-server handshake is based on TLS authentication.

E. The X509 V3 certificate is expired.

F. The client-server implements client-server mutual authentication with different certificates.

Answer: B,C

Q3. Company XYZ has experienced a breach and has requested an internal investigation be conducted by the IT Department. Which of the following represents the correct order of the investigation process?

A. Collection, Identification, Preservation, Examination, Analysis, Presentation.

B. Identification, Preservation, Collection, Examination, Analysis, Presentation.

C. Collection, Preservation, Examination, Identification, Analysis, Presentation.

A. D. Identification, Examination, Preservation, Collection, Analysis, Presentation.

Answer: B

Q4. An IT manager is working with a project manager from another subsidiary of the same multinational organization. The project manager is responsible for a new software development effort that is being outsourced overseas, while customer acceptance testing will be performed in house. Which of the following capabilities is MOST likely to cause issues with network availability?

A. Source code vulnerability scanning

B. Time-based access control lists

C. ISP to ISP network jitter

D. File-size validation

E. End to end network encryption

Answer: B

Q5. A helpdesk manager at a financial company has received multiple reports from employees and customers that their phone calls sound metallic on the voice system. The helpdesk has been using VoIP lines encrypted from the handset to the PBX for several years. Which of the following should be done to address this issue for the future?

A. SIP session tagging and QoS

B. A dedicated VLAN

A. C. Lower encryption setting

D. Traffic shaping

Answer: B

Q6. An educational institution would like to make computer labs available to remote students. The labs are used for various IT networking, security, and programming courses. The requirements are:

1. Each lab must be on a separate network segment.

2. Labs must have access to the Internet, but not other lab networks.

3. Student devices must have network access, not simple access to hosts on the lab networks.

4. Students must have a private certificate installed before gaining access.

5. Servers must have a private certificate installed locally to provide assurance to the students.

6. All students must use the same VPN connection profile.

Which of the following components should be used to achieve the design in conjunction with directory services?

A. L2TP VPN over TLS for remote connectivity, SAML for federated authentication, firewalls between each lab segment

B. SSL VPN for remote connectivity, directory services groups for each lab group, ACLs on routing equipment

C. IPSec VPN with mutual authentication for remote connectivity, RADIUS for authentication, ACLs on network equipment

D. Cloud service remote access tool for remote connectivity, OAuth for authentication, ACL on routing equipment

Answer: C

Q7. Company XYZ is in negotiations to acquire Company ABC for $1.2millon. Due diligence activities have uncovered systemic security issues in the flagship product of Company ABC. It has been established that a complete product rewrite would be needed with average estimates indicating a cost of $1.6millon. Which of the following approaches should the risk manager of Company XYZ recommend?

A. Transfer the risk

B. Accept the risk

C. Mitigate the risk

D. Avoid the risk

Answer: D

Q8. The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) regularly receives reports of a single department repeatedly violating the corporate security policy. The head of the department in question informs the CISO that the offending behaviors are a result of necessary business activities. The CISO assigns a junior security administrator to solve the issue. Which of the following is the BEST course of action for the junior security administrator to take?

A. Work with the department head to find an acceptable way to change the business needs so the department no longer violates the corporate security policy.

B. Draft an RFP for the purchase of a COTS product or consulting services to solve the problem through implementation of technical controls.

C. Work with the CISO and department head to create an SLA specifying the response times of the IT security department when incidents are reported.

D. Draft an MOU for the department head and CISO to approve, documenting the limits of the necessary behavior, and actions to be taken by both teams.

Answer: D

Q9. A company is preparing to upgrade its NIPS at five locations around the world. The three platforms the team plans to test, claims to have the most advanced features and lucrative pricing.

Assuming all platforms meet the functionality requirements, which of the following methods should be used to select the BEST platform?

A. Establish return on investment as the main criteria for selection.

A. B. Run a cost/benefit analysis based on the data received from the RFP.

C. Evaluate each platform based on the total cost of ownership.

D. Develop a service level agreement to ensure the selected NIPS meets all performance requirements.

Answer: C

Q10. Due to a new regulatory requirement, ABC Company must now encrypt all WAN transmissions. When speaking with the network administrator, the security administrator learns that the existing routers have the minimum processing power to do the required level of encryption. Which of the following solutions minimizes the performance impact on the router?

A. Deploy inline network encryption devices

B. Install an SSL acceleration appliance

C. Require all core business applications to use encryption

D. Add an encryption module to the router and configure IPSec

Answer: A

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