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New CompTIA CAS-002 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 1 - Question 10)

Question No: 1

A security manager looked at various logs while investigating a recent security breach in the data center from an external source. Each log below was collected from various security devices compiled from a report through the companyu2019s security information and event management server.

Logs: Log 1:

Feb 5 23:55:37.743: %SEC-6-IPACCESSLOGS: list 10 denied 3 packets

Log 2: HTTP://www.company.com/index.php?user=aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


Log 3:

Security Error Alert

Event ID 50: The RDP protocol component X.224 detected an error in the protocol stream and has disconnected the client

Log 4:

Encoder oe = new OracleEncoder ();

String query = u201cSelect user_id FROM user_data WHERE user_name = u2018 u201d

+ oe.encode ( req.getParameter(u201cuserIDu201d) ) + u201c u2018 and user_password = u2018 u201c

+ oe.encode ( req.getParameter(u201cpwdu201d) ) +u201d u2018 u201c;

Vulnerabilities Buffer overflow SQL injection ACL


Which of the following logs and vulnerabilities would MOST likely be related to the security breach? (Select TWO).

A. Log 1

B. Log 2

C. Log 3

D. Log 4

E. Buffer overflow



H. SQL injection

Answer: B,E

Question No: 2

A facilities manager has observed varying electric use on the companyu2019s metered service lines. The facility management rarely interacts with the IT department unless new equipment is being delivered. However, the facility manager thinks that there is a correlation between spikes in electric use and IT department activity. Which of the following business processes and/or practices would provide better management of organizational resources with the IT departmentu2019s needs? (Select TWO).

A. Deploying a radio frequency identification tagging asset management system

B. Designing a business resource monitoring system

C. Hiring a property custodian

D. Purchasing software asset management software

E. Facility management participation on a change control board

F. Rewriting the change board charter

G. Implementation of change management best practices

Answer: E,G

Question No: 3

Due to compliance regulations, a company requires a yearly penetration test. The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) has asked that it be done under a black box methodology.

Which of the following would be the advantage of conducting this kind of penetration test?

A. The risk of unplanned server outages is reduced.

B. Using documentation provided to them, the pen-test organization can quickly determine areas to focus on.

C. The results will show an in-depth view of the network and should help pin-point areas of internal weakness.

D. The results should reflect what attackers may be able to learn about the company.

Answer: D

Question No: 4

A medical device manufacturer has decided to work with another international organization to develop the software for a new robotic surgical platform to be introduced into hospitals within the next 12 months. In order to ensure a competitor does not become aware, management at the medical device manufacturer has decided to keep it secret until formal contracts are signed. Which of the following documents is MOST likely to contain a description of the initial terms and arrangement and is not legally enforceable?






Answer: E

Question No: 5

Customers have recently reported incomplete purchase history and other anomalies while accessing their account history on the web server farm. Upon investigation, it has been determined that there are version mismatches of key e-commerce applications on the production web servers. The development team has direct access to the production servers and is most likely the cause of the different release versions. Which of the following process level solutions would address this problem?

A. Implement change control practices at the organization level.

B. Adjust the firewall ACL to prohibit development from directly accessing the production server farm.

C. Update the vulnerability management plan to address data discrepancy issues.

D. Change development methodology from strict waterfall to agile.

Answer: A

Question No: 6

Company XYZ has purchased and is now deploying a new HTML5 application. The company wants to hire a penetration tester to evaluate the security of the client and server components of the proprietary web application before launch. Which of the following is the

penetration tester MOST likely to use while performing black box testing of the security of the companyu2019s purchased application? (Select TWO).

A. Code review

B. Sandbox

C. Local proxy

D. Fuzzer

E. Port scanner

Answer: C,D

Question No: 7

A security manager for a service provider has approved two vendors for connections to the

service provider backbone. One vendor will be providing authentication services for its payment card service, and the other vendor will be providing maintenance to the service provider infrastructure sites. Which of the following business agreements is MOST relevant to the vendors and service provideru2019s relationship?

A. Memorandum of Agreement

B. Interconnection Security Agreement

C. Non-Disclosure Agreement

D. Operating Level Agreement

Answer: B

Question No: 8

An organization is concerned with potential data loss in the event of a disaster, and created a backup datacenter as a mitigation strategy. The current storage method is a single NAS used by all servers in both datacenters. Which of the following options increases data availability in the event of a datacenter failure?

A. Replicate NAS changes to the tape backups at the other datacenter.

B. Ensure each server has two HBAs connected through two routes to the NAS.

C. Establish deduplication across diverse storage paths.

D. Establish a SAN that replicates between datacenters.

Answer: D

Question No: 9

A company with 2000 workstations is considering purchasing a HIPS to minimize the impact of a system compromise from malware. Currently, the company projects a total cost of $50,000 for the next three years responding to and eradicating workstation malware. The Information Security Officer (ISO) has received three quotes from different companies that provide HIPS.

Which solution should the company select if the contract is only valid for three years?

A. First quote

B. Second quote

C. Third quote

D. Accept the risk

Answer: B

Question No: 10

Which of the following activities is commonly deemed u201cOUT OF SCOPEu201d when undertaking a penetration test?

A. Test password complexity of all login fields and input validation of form fields

B. Reverse engineering any thick client software that has been provided for the test

C. Undertaking network-based denial of service attacks in production environment

D. Attempting to perform blind SQL injection and reflected cross-site scripting attacks

E. Running a vulnerability scanning tool to assess network and host weaknesses

Answer: C

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