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Refer to exhibit.
400-151 dumps exhibit
Which two statements about this command are true? (Choose two)

  • A. The command is usually used FCIP over the overlay
  • B. The command is used to extend the spanning tree for VLAN 72 across the overlay
  • C. The command is used to enable unknown unicast flooding for a known MAC address across the overlay
  • D. The command is used in HSRP localization for OTV
  • E. The command is usually used for Microsoft network load balancing implementation

Answer: CE

Which two guidelines and limitations of NetFlow on Cisco NX-OS are true? (Choose two)

  • A. The Cisco Nexus 2000 Series Fabric Extender does not support bridged NetFlow
  • B. If you change a Layer 2 interface to a Layer 3 interfac
  • C. the software converts the Layer 2 NetFlow to Layer 3 NetFlow automatically
  • D. Only Layer 2 NetFlow is applied on Layer 2 interfaces, and only Layer 3 NetFlow is applied on Layer 3 interfaces
  • E. You must configure a source interfac
  • F. If you do not configure a source interface, the exporter remains in a disabled state
  • G. It is optional to configure a valid record name

Answer: DE


STP provides a loop-free network at the Layer 2 level. Layer 2 LAN ports send and receive STP frames at regular intervals. Network devices do not forward these frames but use the frames to construct a loop-free path. Which option is the name of these frames?

  • A. bridge protocol data units
  • B. Cisco Discovery Protocol frames
  • C. Link Layer Discovery Protocol frames
  • D. runt frames

Answer: A

Assume that ucsd-dcloud is the correct address of the cisco UCS Director server.Which two
options are prerequistes to access the cisco UCS Director REST API interface? (choose two)

  • A. Run the dbgtoken utility and ask TAC to generate a response cookie
  • B. Submit the usemame/password to http://ucsd-dcloud to obtain session cookie
  • C. Obtain the REST API Access Key code for the User Information dialog box
  • D. Obtain the developer token from cisco Devnet
  • E. Enable the Developer menu on the Adcanced tab of the User Information dalogbox

Answer: CE

Which statement about FCoE NPV in Cisco NX-OS and the Cisco Nexus 5000 Series Switches is true?

  • A. Connectivity from an FCoE NPV bridge to the FCF is supported over point-to-point links and when FCF is up to three hops away.
  • B. TheFCoE NPV does not provide any equivalent FCoE Initialization Protocol snooping capabilities
  • C. FCoE NPV and NPV cannot be implemented together because these two thest feature use different mechanisms to communicate to the switch.
  • D. FCoE NPV does not have the management and troubleshooting issues that are inherent to managing hosts remotely at the FCF.

Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit.
400-151 dumps exhibit
How many virtual adapters (vNIC and vHBA) can be added to this host?

  • A. 128
  • B. 130
  • C. 256
  • D. 258

Answer: C

Which two statements about the Cisco Open SDN Controller are true? (Choose two.)

  • A. It is a commercial distribution based on the OpenFlow controller.
  • B. Your own, new network service functions can be added via Java APIs.
  • C. Security is enforced by using the Open Services Gateway Initiative framework.
  • D. The controller is available as an appliance only.
  • E. It can be used in multivendor environments.

Answer: BE

Drag and drop components of policy drive Layer 4 - Layer 7 services in an ACI environment from left onto the correct definitions on the right.
400-151 dumps exhibit


    Explanation: 400-151 dumps exhibit

    Which feature is required for Dynamic ARP Inspection?

    • A. DIA
    • B. First-hop-security
    • C. DHCP
    • D. ARP

    Answer: C

    Which three of the following are key components to provide network connectivity to an IoT Solution?
    (Choose three)

    • A. Voice
    • B. Service Provider
    • C. Wireless
    • D. Routing
    • E. Firewalling
    • F. Switching

    Answer: BCE

    Refer to the exhibit.
    400-151 dumps exhibit
    An admin has created a new EPG in an ACI fabric. The admin then specified static path binding as shown in exhibit. After submitting this policy configuration, the admin noticed that this newly created EPG had the fault shown in the exhibit. Which option is the likely Explanation: of this fault?

    • A. There is no faul
    • B. The fault is currently in the soaking state and the fault will automaticlly clear and everything will work as expected
    • C. The encap VLAN configured is not within the allowed range of VLANs as specified by the associated domain
    • D. There is not enough information to determine the cause of the problem
    • E. The admin incorrectly configured this static path as a "trunk" when it should have been configured as an access (untagged) port

    Answer: B

    An administrator is replacing a fabric interconnect.The failed interconnect was FI-A and was master at
    the time of failure.Which process brings the replacement fabric interconnect into the cluster?

    • A. Connect the new FI-A to FI-B USING THE Layer 1/Layer 2 cables onl
    • B. Sync the configuration when prompted.Connect the management interface when the configuration is synced.
    • C. Connect the new FI-A to the management network and the Layer 1/Layer 2 links to the existingFIB.Use the full state backup file to restore the configuration when prompted at the console.
    • D. Connect the new FI-A to the management network onl
    • E. Use the fuil state backup file to restore configuration through Cisco UCS Manager GUI.Connect the Layer 1/Layer 2 cables
    • F. Connect the FI-A to the management network and the Layer 1/Layer 2 links to the existing FI
    • G. Use the all configuration backup file to restore the configuration through Cisco UCS Manager GUI
    • H. Connect the new FI-A to the management network and the Layer 1/Layer 2 links to the existing FI- B Let the system sync with FI-B when prompted at the console

    Answer: C

    Which two statements about the dynamic load balancer mode in ACI are true? (Choose two)?

    • A. The default DLB mode is “conservative”
    • B. The aggressive DLB mode has a longer flowlet timeout interval
    • C. The aggressive mode flowlettimeaut is a relatively higher value
    • D. DLB adjusts the traffic allocations according to congestion levels
    • E. The aggressive DLB mode has a shorter flowlet timeout interval

    Answer: DE

    You are configuring an ACI fabric with Layer 3 out connecticity you want to allow traffic to traverse
    from one external EPG to another external EPG. or alternatively to another internal EPG.
    Which option must be configured to permit the packets between these two EPGs, assuming the subnet is already being advertised correctly?

    • A. Export Route Control
    • B. Aggregate Export
    • C. Security import subnet
    • D. Import Route Control
    • E. Aggregate Import

    Answer: C

    Which two options are network considerations for common VXLAN deployments? (Choose two)

    • A. MTU size in the transport network
    • B. consistent VLAN-to-VN-Segment mapping
    • C. consistent VNI-to-group mapping
    • D. multicast group scaling
    • E. placement of VXLAN tunnel endpoints

    Answer: AD

    Which description of how to enable DIMM blacklisting is true?

    • A. Enable blacklisting in the servers > policy subtab
    • B. Enable blacklisting in the servers inventory > memory subtab
    • C. Configure a memory policy under the services tab
    • D. Configure a memory policy in the equipment > policy subtab

    Answer: A

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