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Which two statements about ASA and multicontext support in ACI are true? (Choose two)

  • A. The application policy Infrastructure Controller creates the contexts in the USA
  • B. The APIC must communicate with the system context and each virtual context.
  • C. Multicontext support enables the same physical appliance to be experted to multiple tennats.
  • D. With ASA, you cannot partition a single physical ASA into multiple virtual firewalls
  • E. You can create multiple partitions with a virtual appliance, but the vNICs can be shared

Answer: BC

Refer to the exhibit.
400-151 dumps exhibit
Assume that is valid APIC in the cluster. Which statement is true?

  • A. REST call is valid,but we cannot log in to APIC2,we should log in to APIC1 instead
  • B. REST call is invalid,and we should call/api/aaaLogin.json
  • C. REST call to /api/aaaLogin.xml on APIC2 is valid,and we should receive a session token in theresponse
  • D. REST call is valid,but we should use the GET method instead of POST

Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit.
400-151 dumps exhibit
Health scores can be aggregated for a variety of areas such as for the system, infrastructure, tenants, applications, or services. Which health score level is the exhibit from APIC GUI an example of?

  • A. system
  • B. managed object
  • C. pod
  • D. tenant

Answer: C


Which three options are SDN Southbound protocols? (Choose three)

  • A. API
  • B. OVSDB
  • C. OpenFlow
  • D. Puppet
  • E. PCEP
  • F. VXLAN

Answer: BCE

What is recommended backup policy for Cisco Cloud Center?

  • A. Bi-Weekly Basis
  • B. Daily Basis
  • C. Monthly Basis
  • D. Weekly Basis
  • E. Hourly Basis

Answer: B

Which two statements about CFS are true? (Choose two)

  • A. CFS distributes the local NTP configuration to the master only, which then forwards it to all devices in the network
  • B. You must manually distribute NTP authentication keys on the NTP server and Cisco NX-OS devices across the network
  • C. If CFS is used to distribute NTP, all devices in the network must have different VRFs configured than the ones used for NTP
  • D. CFS requires a license to be installed before it can be used to distribute NTP
  • E. After enabling CFS, a network-wide lock is applied to NTP whenever an NTP configuration is started and released once after the change has been committed

Answer: BE

Explanation: 6x/b_5500_System_Mgmt_Config_6x/b_5500_System_Mgmt_Config_6x_chapter_010010.html

Which description of a hybrid SDN framework is true?

  • A. The control plane function is split between a SDN controller and the networking element
  • B. The control plane and data plane are pulled from the networking element and put in an SDN controller and SDN agent
  • C. The data plane is pulled from the networking element and put in an SDN controller
  • D. The control plane is pulled from networking element and put in an SDN controller

Answer: A

While doing service insertion with vASA with route peering, which two parts must be configured?
(Choose two)

  • A. Point-to-point non-broadcast mode
  • B. The VM name must be specified when the L4-L7 device is created
  • C. The path for interfaces must be specified when the L4-L7 device is created
  • D. The chassis must be specified when the L4-L7 device is created
  • E. The route peering profile must be specified when the L4-L7 Service Graph template is created

Answer: CE

When you deploy a Layer 4 – Layer 7 service graph in ACI using policy-based redirect, when does the PDR functionality get enabled?

  • A. when you enable PBR under the consumer EPG Layer 4 –Layer 7 parameters
  • B. when you enable PBR under the provider EPG Layer 4 –Layer 7 parameters
  • C. when you create the service graph template
  • D. when you add the Layer 4 – Layer 7 device to the APIC
  • E. when you deploy the service graph template

Answer: A

Which option is a data modeling language used to model configuration and state data of network elements?

  • B. SNMPv4
  • C. YANG

Answer: C

Which option lists valid configuration commands to help identify packet flows for ingress and egress
IP packets and provide statistics based on packet flows when configuring a Cisco Nexus Device via the CLI?

  • A. NetFlow Record, NetFlow Exporter, NetFlow
  • B. Flow Record, Flow Exporter, Flow Monitor
  • C. IPFix Record, IPFix Exporter, IPFix Monitor
  • D. sFlow Record, sFlow Exporter, sFlow

Answer: B

An IoT Solution is more likely to generate a lot of analytics and data. Which of the following enables this information to be analysed and managed through integration with 3rd party devices and applications?

  • A. ASR
  • B. API
  • C. Prime Infrastructure
  • D. IP67

Answer: B

Which three connection modes are valid when using Cisco RISE? (Choose three)

  • A. LB connect mode
  • B. Round-robin connect mode
  • C. vPC connect mode
  • D. direct connect mode
  • E. indirect connect mode
  • F. PC connect mode

Answer: CDE


Which two statements about this configuration command sequence with regards to the cisco nexus
5500 are true? (Choose 2) Switch# configure terminal Switch (config) # fcoefcamp 0e.fc.2a

  • A. It permits this node to form FCoE ISLs only with other nodes configured for the same FCMAP.
  • B. It configures this node to use 0EFC2A as the first 3 bytes of the FPMA.
  • C. It configures this node to use 0EFC2A as the last 3 bytes of the FPMA.
  • D. It reserves this FCID so only this node can use this FCID when communicating with other Fiber Channel entities.
  • E. It configures this node to use FCID 0EFC2A to forward the FDISC to when an endpoint is connected.

Answer: BE

You are configuring an L3Out interface for a VRF for which OSPF is configured on an ACI fabric.You notice that the OSPF routing table is rebuilt every 10 seconds. Which reason for this behavior is true?

  • A. OSPF timers are set to rebuild the RIB every 10 seconds
  • B. The loopback interfaces of the L3Out are configured with an IP addresses that is already in use
  • C. Aduplex mismatch is on the link on which L3Out is configured
  • D. This is the normal behavior of the ACI fabric

Answer: B

Which description of how to enable the Flex Flash Controller auto-sync function on the B200M4 blade is true?

  • A. Configure a storage policy for FX3S
  • B. Configure a storage connection policy to use auto-sync
  • C. Configure a local disk policy for FlexFlash
  • D. Enable auto-sync in the servers > inventory > storage subtab

Answer: D

Explanation: 1_chapter_01011.pdf

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