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New Cisco 400-101 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 3 - Question 12)

Q1. What are the two variants of NTPv4? (Choose two.)

A. client/server

B. broadcast

C. multicast

D. asymmetric

E. unicast

Answer: A,B

Q2. Which two features are incompatible with loopguard on a port ?(Choose two)

A. BPDU skew detection

B. root guard

C. PortFast

D. uplink fast

E. backbone fast

Answer: B,C

Q3. Exhibit:

Refer to the exhibit. Which three statements about the output are true? (choose three.)

A. Group is a reserved address , and it should not be used for multicast user data transfer.

B. One or more multicast groups are operating in PIM multicast user data transfer.

C. Group is reserved address, and it should not be used for multicast user data transfer.

D. A multicast receiver has requested to join one or more of the multicast groups.

E. This switch is currently receiving a multicast data stream that is being forwarded out VLAN 150.

F. One or more of multicast data streams will be forwarded out to neighbor

Answer: A,D,E

Q4. Which effect of configuring the passive-interface S0/0 command under the EIGRP routing process is true?

A. It prevents EIGRP neighbor relationships from being formed over interface S0/0

B. It configures interface S0/0 to send hello packets with the passive-interface bit set

C. It configures interface S0/0 to suppress all outgoingrouting updates

D. It configures_interface S0/0 to reject al-I incoming routing updates

Answer: A

Q5. Which two items must be confined to caputure packet data with the Embedded Packet Caputure feature ? (Choose two)

A. the capture point

B. the capture buffer

C. the coputure file export location

D. the caputure filter

E. the capture rate

F. the buffer memory size

Answer: A,B

Q6. Which set of commands conditionally advertises as long as is in the routing table?





E. Option A

F. Option B

G. Option C

H. Option D

Answer: B


Advertise maps are used for conditional routing to advertise specified prefixes if something which is specified in exist map exists. In our question we need to advertise if exists in the routing table so we have to use commanD. u201cneighbor x.x.x.x advertise-map <prefix-list of> exist-map <prefix-list of>u201d. Therefore B is correct.

Q7. Refer to the exhibit.

What is the PHB class on this?


B. CS4

C. none

D. AF21

Answer: B

Q8. You are implementing new addressing with EIGRP routing and must use secondary addresses which are missing from the routing table. Which action is the most efficient soJution to the problem?

A. Disable split-horizon on the interfaces with secondary addresses. /

B. Dlsable split-horizon inside the' EIGRp procu00dfss on the router with the secondary interfaceaddresses

C. Add additional roulter interfaces and move the secondary addresses to the new interfaces

D. Use a different routing protocol and redistribute the routes between EIGRP and the new protocol

Answer: A

Q9. Which two statements about SSM are true? (Choose two)

A. It is designed to support many-to-many applications within a PIM domain.

B. It requires IGMPv3 for source filtering.

C. It uses (*, G) multicast routing entries to make forwarding decisions.

D. It can work in conjunction with the ISM service.

E. Its application and protocols use address -

Answer: B,D

Q10. Refer to the exhibit.

Which statement about the Rlmulticastcast network environment is true?

A. . RPF builds the topology using the unicast data for source address

B. A static mrouteis configured to point multicast traffic for through Ethernet 1/0.

C. RPF uses the OSPF 100 table for source address

D. The default mroute uses Tunnel 10 as the next hop for

Answer: B

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