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Refer to the exhibit If R1 and R2 cannot establish an OSPF neighbor relationshipwhich two action can you take to Choose two

A. Configuration PPP authentication under the R2 Gigabitethernet 0/1 interface

B. Change the ip local pool command on R2 to ip local pool pool! 192 168 12 192 168 1.5 I"

C. Configuration R1 to send the username and password on the Dialer 1 interface

D. Change the PPP authentication to CHAP authentication

E. Configure PPP encapsulation under the R1 virtual-templat interface

Answer: C,E

Q13. ON NO: 402

Refer to the exhibit.

Which two statements about the output are true? (Choose two.)

A. 802.1D spanning tree is being used.

B. Setting the priority of this switch to 0 for VLAN 1 would cause it to become the new root.

C. The hello, max-age, and forward delay timers are not set to their default values.

D. Spanning-tree PortFast is enabled on GigabitEthernet1/1.

Answer: A,B


802.1D is the standard for Spanning tree, which is being used here. For priority, The priority order starts from 0 (yes, 0 is valiD. and then increases in 4096.

0, 4096, 8192, 12288, u2026. Etc.

The lower the number is, the higher is the priority. Here we see that the current root has a priority of 8192, so configuring this with a priority of 0 will make it the new root.


Refer to the exhibit.Which two statements are true regarding prefix two)

A. The prfix is in policyand Cisco PfR rerouted the.traffic' via Et0/1 because of an OOP event

B. The prfix is in policyand Cisco PfR did not reroute the traffic via Et0/1 because the traffic was previously in policy

C. Cisco PfR is monitoring the prefix via active throughput IP SLA proble mode only

D. Cisco PfR is monitoring the pr fix via monitorwhich provides both NetFlow and IP SLA measurements /

E. Cisco PfR is monitoring the prefix via passive NetFlow mu00f2de only

Answer: B,D

Q15. What is the default 1S-1S interface metric on a Cisco router?

A. 128

B. 64

C. 10

D. 255

Answer: C

Q16. When you cpnfigure an IPv6 IPSec tunnel which two fields can represent the ISAKMP identity of a peer?(Choose Jwo)

A. encryption algorithm

B. DH group identifier

C. hostname

D. IPv6 address

Answer: C,D

Q17. Which two commands should you enter to enable IP Source Guard with source IP and MAC address filtering?(Choose two)

A. ip verify source tracking

B. switu00e7hport port-security

C. ip verify unicast source

D. ip verify source

E. ip verify source port-security

Answer: B,E

Q18. Which two options are examples of Northbound and/or Southbound protocols?(Choose vo)

A. OpenStack

B. 1S1S




Answer: A,C

Q19. Which two parameters does the Tunnel Mode Auto Selection feature select automatically? (Choose two)

A. the tunneling protocol

B. the transport protocol

C. the ISAKMP profile

D. the tunnel peer

E. the transform-set

Answer: A,B

Q20. How can you reduce latency on a VoIP network?

A. Set the IP SLA timeout to 1000 milliseconds

B. Implement fast retransmission

C. Configure an SLA to collect information on packet loss

D. Implement low-latency queuing

E. Implement a congestion-avoidance algorithm

Answer: D

Q21. Which keychain cryptographic algorithm is supported by the IS-IS routing protocol?

A. MD5




Answer: D

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