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New Cisco 400-101 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 4 - Question 13)

Q4. Which command configures port secrity on a switch to enable permanent MAC address learning on the interface?

A. switchportport-security mac-9ddress permanent

B. switchport port-security mac-address-learning enable

C. switcport port-security mac-address maximum 1 sticky

D. switchport port-security mac-address timer 0

E. switchport port-security mac-address sticky

Answer: E

Q5. Which marking field is used only as an internal marking within a router?

A. QOS Group

B. Discard Eligiblity

C. IP Precedence

D. MPLS Experimental

E. CoS

Answer: A

Q6. Which IS-IS metric style is most suitable for MPLS traffic engineering?

A. narrow

B. wide

C. transition

D. flat

Answer: A

Q7. Which two statements about IPv6 PIM are true?(Choose two)

A. PIM-SM and PIM-SSM can be configured in the same network

B. PIM-SM bases its RPF checks on the unicast routing table

C. It supports both sparse mode and dense mode

D. It supports both Auto-RP and BSR

E. It works in conjunction with unicast routing protocols to send and receive multicast updates

Answer: A,B

Q8. Which information is contained in an OSPF Type 7 Not-So-Stubby Area NSSA External LSA?

A. The paths and costs to all OSPF NSSA areas that are external to the current area.

B. The path and costs to reach other stub area border routers in the OSPF routing domain.

C. The address of routers that connect the current area to other areas and the cost to reach those routers.

D. External network address,mask,and cost to reach each network that is external to the OSPF domain and only within the NSSA

E. The external network address,mask,and cost to reach networks that are external to the OSPF NSSA,including the default route.

Answer: D

Q9. Which two statements about IS-IS neighbor adjacencies are true?(Choose two )

A. Each device must have the same 6-type systemID

B. Neighboring devices must have the same level.

C. If the ignore-mtu command is configured on both devices.the devices can have different MTU settings

D. Each device's 4-type router ID must be unique.

E. Level 1 devices must be in the same area

Answer: B,E

Q10. Which command can you enter on a device so that unsolicited log messages appear on the console after solicited log messages?

A. logging bufferd 4096

B. no logging console

C. logging synchronous

D. service timestamps log uptime

Answer: C

Q11. How does an IPv6 host automatically genu00e8rate a global address?

A. It prepends its interface identifier to the network prefixs contained in Router Advertisement messages

B. It appends its interface identifier to the network prefixs contained in Router Advertisement messages

C. It appends its interface identifier to the network prefixs contained in Router Solicitation

messag s

D. It prepends its interface identifier to the network prefixs contained in Router Solicitation messages

Answer: B

Explanation: QUESTIO.N 7

Which statement about the feasible distance in EIGRP is true?

A. It is metric that is support by the best next hop toward the destination

B. It is the maximum metric that should feasibly be considered for installation in the RIB C.It is the smallest metric toward the destination enc'OuntereD... ... time the destination went from Active to Passive state

D.It is the maximum metric possible based on the maximum hop count that is allowed Answer: C

Q12. For which two conditions is Cisco Express Forwarding recursion disables by default when the BGP Prefix independent Convergence functionality is enabled? (Choose two)

A. next hops that are directly connected

B. next hops learned with any mask shorter than /32

C. next hops learned with a/32 mask

D. next hops learned with a/24 mask

Answer: A,C

Q13. What is the cause of ignores and overruns on an interface, when the overall traffic rate of the interface is low?

A. a hardware failure of the interface

B. a software bug

C. a bad cable

D. microbursts of traffic

Answer: D

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