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New Cisco 400-051 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 5 - Question 14)

Q1. Refer to the exhibit.

A carrier delivers a SlP call to cisco Unified CM through a Cisco Unified border Elements with The lnvite destination different than "To" field. The Unified CM Administration engineer sees that the calls go to the invite destination instead of the "To" field Unified CM. Which option shows how the engineer correct that problem in the Cisco Unified border Elements router?





A. Exhibit A

B. Exhibit B

C. Exhibit C

D. Exhibit D

Answer: A

Q2. Refer to the exhibit.

lP phone 1 has the MAC address 11111.1111.1111, while lP phone 2 has the MAC address 2222.2222.2222. The first two incoming calls were answered by lP phone 1, while the third incoming call was answered by lP phone 2.Which option describes what will happen to the fourth incoming call?

A. Both phones will ring, but only lP phone 2 can answer the call.

B. Neither phone will ring and the call will be forwarded to 2100.

C. Both phones will ring and either phone can answer the call.

D. Neither phone will ring and the call will be forwarded to 2200.

E. Both phones will ring, but only lP phone 1 can answer the call.

Answer: B

Q3. Which parameter in an NTFY message is used by a Cisco lOS MGCP gateway to inform a Cisco Unified CM that an analog endpoint has gone off-hook?

A. Detect Events

B. Event States

C. Connection Mode

D. Observed Events

E. Requested Events

Answer: D

Q4. Refer to the exhibit.

Cisco unity connection site A has two locations and Cisco Unity connection Site B has one Location. Which protocol connect the location and servers together for messaging and replication?



3 None



3 None







Answer: A

Q5. Which two search scope option are removed from a directory handler when you check "Voice enabled" Check box? (Choose two)

A. Class of service

B. Partition

C. Search space

D. System Distribution list

E. Phone system

Answer: AD

Q6. Which two services must be enabled on the routing servers when configuring Partitioned lntradomain

Federation? (Choose two.)

A. Cisco XCP Directory Service

B. Cisco XCP Router

C. Cisco Presence Engine

D. Cisco XCP SlP Federation Connection Manager

E. Cisco XCP Connection Manager

F. Cisco SlP Proxy

Answer: BC

Q7. An engineer is configuring QoS for a 100 Mb WAN link. An lSP SLA was signed to support 70% of the link.

Which QoS command allows the engineer to use 70% of the link while maintaining a steady flow?

A. traffic-shape rate 100000000 70000000 70000000

B. police cir 70000000 confirm-action transmit exceed-action drop

C. police 70000000 13125000 confirm-action transmit exceed-action drop

D. traffic-shape rate 70000000 8750000 8750000

Answer: D

Q8. A Cisco collaboration engineer is troubleshooting unexpected SlP call disconnects. Which three responses correspond to the 5xx range? (Choose three.)

A. Temporarily Unavailable

B. Version not supported

C. Bad request

D. Forbidden

E. Server Timeout

F. Service Unavailable

Answer: BEF

Q9. Refer to the exhibit.

When enabling Group and Persistent Chat in an lM&P server, the administrator encountered the problem shown.

Which two solutions resolve the issue? (Choose two)

A. Configure the external database to listen in the correct port.

B. Restart the Cisco Route Data store service in the lM&P server.

C. Make sure the group chat system administrator has access.

D. Configure a new host under Group Chat Server Alias.

E. Fix the user permissions on the external database.

Answer: AE

Q10. Refer to the exhibit.

The common device configuration has been assigned to an lPv4 only phone. Which statement describes what happens when the phone attempts to register with Cisco unified Communications manager?

A. The lP phone displays the message 'registration rejected' because it cannot support lPv6

B. The lP phone invokes MTP to translate from ipv4 to lPv6

C. The lP phone ignores the settings and registers with the ipv4 address

D. The lP phone uses SLAAC to acquire an lPv6 address and override the limitation

Answer: A

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