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Q1. Which statement describes how the digit zero is handled in the predefined restriction tables in Cisco Unity Connection? 

A. Zero is listed in the Default Out-Dial Restriction table. 

B. Zero is listed in the Default System Transfer Restriction table. 

C. Zero is listed in the Default Transfer Restriction table. 

D. Zero is listed in the User-Defined and Automatically Added Alternate Extensions Restriction table. 

E. Zero is not listed in any default restriction table configuration. 


Q2. Which two Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express hunt group mechanisms keep track of the number of hops in call delivery decisions? (Choose two.) 

A. sequential 

B. peer 

C. longest idle 

D. parallel 

E. overlay 

F. linear 

Answer: BC 

Q3. Assume 20 bytes of voice payload, 6 bytes for the Layer 2 header, 1 byte for the end-of-frame flag, and the IP, UDP, and RTP headers are compressed to 2 bytes, how much bandwidth should be allocated to the strict priority queue for six VoIP calls that use a G.729 codec over a multilink PPP link with cRTP enabled? 

A. 80.4 kb/s 

B. 91.2 kb/s 

C. 78.4 kb/s 

D. 69.6 kb/s 

E. 62.4 kb/s 


Q4. Which Call Control Discovery function allows the local Cisco Unified Communications Manager to listen for advertisements from remote call-control entities that use the SAF network? 

A. CCD advertising service 

B. CCD requesting service 

C. SAF forwarder 

D. SAF enabled trunks 

E. CCD registration service 


Q5. Which Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express ephone button configuration separator enables overflow lines when the primary line for an overlay button is occupied by an active call? 

A. o 

B. c 

C. w 

D. x 

E. : 


Q6. Refer to the exhibit. 

If this SIP call is initiated using delayed offer, which SIP message will UA#1 use to communicate its media capability to UA#2? 


B. 180 Ringing 

C. 200 OK 


E. RTP Media 


Q7. Refer to the exhibit. 

The exhibit shows the Cisco IOS CLI output of debug ip dhcp packet, which was captured on a router that is located at a branch office where a single IP phone is located. There is a standalone Cisco Unified Communications Manager server at the central site, which also provides DHCP services to the IP phone at the branch office. You are troubleshooting a problem where the IP phone received an IP address in the correct subnet and with a correct subnet mask from the DHCP server, but never completed registration with Cisco Unified CM. Assuming the IP phone is correctly defined on Unified CM, which two statements the network components are true? (Choose two.) 

A. The MAC address of the IP phone is 01ec44761e3e7d. 

B. The IP address of the DHCP server is 

C. The MAC address of the VLAN 101 interface is 01ec44761e3e7d. 

D. IThe MAC address of the IP phone is ec44761e3e7d. 

E. There is no IP connectivity between the VLAN 101 interface of the branch router and the ip-helper address that is configured on this interface. 

F. Based on the information provided, we cannot conclude if there is IP connectivity between the IP phone and Cisco Unified CM. 

Answer: DF 

Q8. Which SIP request is used by Cisco Unified Communications Manager to signal DND status changes to a Cisco 9971 IP Phone? 







Q9. Which Cisco Unified Contact Center Express core system software component communicates with Cisco Agent Desktop for agent state control and call control? 

A. Unified CCX Engine 

B. Database 

C. Monitoring 

D. Recording 

E. RmCm 


Q10. Which external database software is required for the Cisco IM and Presence compliance feature? 


B. EnterpriseDB 


D. SQLite 

E. PostgreSQL