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Q81. You are assisting a customer to troubleshoot a SIP early-offer problem with a SIP service provider. You have enabled Cisco CallManager trace and set the debug trace level to Detailed for SIP Call Processing trace on their standalone Cisco Unified Communications Manager 9.1 system. Using the RTMT tool, your customer has remote browsed to the Cisco UCM and asked you which trace file to download. 

What is the trace file name syntax in which detailed SIP messages are logged? 




D. Call logs 

E. Traces 


Q82. Which four attributes are needed to determine the time to complete a TFTP file transfer process? (Choose four.) 

A. file size 

B. file type 

C. network interface type 

D. round-trip time 

E. packet loss percentage 

F. response timeout 

G. network throughput 

Answer: ADEF 

Q83. Which Call Control Discovery function allows the local Cisco Unified Communications Manager to listen for advertisements from remote call-control entities that use the SAF network? 

A. CCD advertising service 

B. CCD requesting service 

C. SAF forwarder 

D. SAF enabled trunks 

E. CCD registration service 


Q84. Refer to the exhibit. 

Which SIP message header is used to tunnel QSIG messages across the SIP network when the OGW receives a call bound for the TGW? 

A. Content-TypE. application/sdp 

B. Content-TypE. application/qsig 

C. Content-TypE. message/ISUP 

D. Content-TypE. message/external-body 

E. Content-TypE. application/x-q931 


Q85. Which statement about Cisco EnergyWise domain member neighbor formation is true? 

A. Cisco EnergyWise supports static neighbors, but the neighbor relationship is only possible.if a noncontiguous domain member and a contiguous domain member have a static neighbor entry pointing to each other. 

B. Cisco EnergyWise static neighbors can be formed even if domain members are not physically contiguous. 

C. Static neighbors can be manually defined on Cisco EnergyWise domain members, but TCP protocols must be used. 

D. Static neighbors can be manually defined on Cisco EnergyWise domain members, but they have a lower priority compared to the autodiscovered members. 

E. Static neighbors can be manually defined on Cisco EnergyWise domain members and the TCP or UDP protocol can be used. 


Q86. Refer to the exhibit. 

IP phone 1 has MAC address of 1111.1111.1111, and IP phone 2 has MAC address of 2222.2222.2222. The first two incoming calls rang both phones and were answered by IP phone 2. 

Which option describes what will happen to the third incoming call? 

A. Both phones ring, but only IP phone 1 can answer the call. 

B. Both phones ring and either phone can answer the call. 

C. Only IP phone 1 rings and can answer the call. 

D. Neither phone rings and the call is forwarded to 2100. 

E. Neither phone rings and the call is forwarded to 2200. 


Q87. Which two analog telephony signaling methods are most vulnerable to glare conditions? (Choose two.) 

A. FXS Loop-start 

B. FXO Ground-start 

C. E&M Wink-start 

D. E&M Delay-dial 

E. E&M Immediate-start 

F. E&M Feature Group D 

Answer: AE 

Q88. Which two statements about the Cisco UC on UCS specs-based virtualization support model are true? (Choose two.) 

A. It has a configuration-based approach. 

B. It has a rule-based approach. 

C. It has less hardware flexibility compared to the third-party server specs-based support model. 

D. It has less hardware flexibility compared to the UC on UCS TRC support model. 

E. VMware vCenter is optional with this support model. 

Answer: BC 

Q89. When IP phone A was provisioned in a Cisco Unified Communications Manager, 2001 was configured as the directory number for its first line. Also, was defined as the only directory URI on the Directory Number configuration page for this line. A few days later, an end user was created in the same Cisco Unified Communications Manager and was associated with the same phone with the primary extension set to 2001. Also, was defined as a directory URI for that end user. 

Which option about the primary directory URI for IP phone A is true? 



C. It depends on which radio button was selected next to the Directory URI entries on the Directory Configuration page. 

D. Both are primary directory URIs in a manner like a shared line for DNs. 

E. Neither are primary directory URIs for IP phone A. 


Q90. Refer to the exhibit.

Three calls are active on ephone 1. Assume ephone 2 will remain idle. 

How many additional calls can be placed from ephone 1? 

A. 0 

B. 1 

C. 2 

D. 3 

E. 5