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Q101. To which QoS tool category does compressed RTP belong? 

A. classification 

B. marking 

C. link efficiency 

D. queuing 

E. prioritization 


Q102. Which three Cisco Unity Connection call handler greetings can be overridden by the internal greeting? (Choose three.) 

A. holiday 

B. alternate 

C. error 

D. busy 

E. closed 

F. standard 

Answer: AEF 

Q103. Refer to the exhibit. 

Which SIP response message should the TGW send if it cannot process the tunneled QSIG messages from the OGW? 

A. 405 Method Not Allowed 

B. 406 Not Acceptable 

C. 412 Conditional Request Failed 

D. 415 Unsupported Media Type 

E. 485 Ambiguous 


Q104. Which design restriction applies to Cisco Unified Communications Manager Session Management Edition clustering over the WAN deployment with extended round-trip times in Cisco Unified CM 9.1 and later releases? 

A. SIP and H.323 intercluster trunks are supported. 

B. Only SIP trunk is supported. 

C. SIP trunks and H.323 gateways are supported. 

D. A minimum of 1.544 Mb/s bandwidth is required for all traffic between any two nodes in the cluster. 

E. Only RSVP agents can be configured and registered to the SME cluster as media resources. 


Q105. Which statement describes the key security service that is provided by the TLS Proxy function on a Cisco ASA appliance? 

A. It provides interworking to ensure that external IP phone traffic is encrypted, even if the rest of the system is unencrypted. 

B. It only applies to encrypted voice calls where both parties utilize encryption. 

C. It manipulates the call signaling to ensure that all media is routed via the adaptive security appliance. 

D. It enables internal phones to communicate with external phones without encryption. 

E. It protects Cisco Unified Communications Manager from rogue soft clients and attackers on the data VLAN. 


Q106. Which statement describes the Maximum Serving Count service parameter of the Cisco TFTP service on Cisco Unified Communications Manager? 

A. It specifies the maximum number of files in the TFTP server disk storage. 

B. It specifies the maximum number of TFTP client requests to accept and to serve files at a given time. 

C. It specifies the maximum file support by the Cisco TFTP service. 

D. It specifies the maximum file counts, in cache as well as in disk, that are supported by the Cisco TFTP service. 

E. It specifies the maximum number of TFTP client requests to accept and to serve files in a 120-minute window. 


Q107. Refer to the exhibit. 

Assume the B-ACD configuration on a Cisco IOS Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express router is operational. What will happen to a call in queue that was not answered by any member of the hunt group after the maximum amount of time allowed in the call queue expires? 

A. The call will be forwarded to extension 2120. 

B. The call will be forwarded to extension 2220. 

C. The call will be forwarded to extension 2003. 

D. The call will be disconnected with user busy. 

E. The call will be forwarded to 2100. 


Q108. Refer to the exhibit. 

The exhibit shows the Cisco IOS CLI output of debug ip dhcp packet, which was captured on a router that is located at a branch office where a single IP phone is located. There is a standalone Cisco Unified Communications Manager server at the central site, which also provides DHCP services to the IP phone at the branch office. You are troubleshooting a problem where the IP phone could not register to Cisco Unified Communications Manager. You have confirmed that the IP phone received an IP address in the correct subnet and with a correct subnet mask from the DHCP server. Assuming the IP phone is correctly defined on Unified CM, which two statements about the network components are true? (Choose two.) 

A. The MAC address of the IP phone is 01ec44761e3e. 

B. The IP address of the DHCP server is 

C. The MAC address of the VLAN 101 interface is ec44761e3e7d. 

D. The IP address of the VLAN 101 interface is 

E. There is IP connectivity between the VLAN 101 interface of the branch router and the ip-helper address that is configured on this interface. 

F. There is IP connectivity between the IP phone and the ip-helper address on the VLAN 101 interface. 

Answer: DE 

Q109. In Cisco IOS routers, which chipset is the PVDM-12 DSP hardware based on? 

A. C542 

B. C549 

C. C5510 

D. C5421 

E. C5409 


Q110. When Cisco Unity Connection users attempt to connect using Web Inbox and receive a Site Is Unavailable error message, which service status should be verified? 

A. Tomcat 

B. Connection Exchange Notification Web Service 

C. Connection Voicemail Web Service 

D. Connection.Administration 

E. Secured Web Server