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Joe is a student who often asks questions that are NOT directly related to the topic. It is beginning to annoy you and the other students, what is the proper way to handle the above situation?

  • A. Criticize Joe in front of the class.
  • B. Answer Joe's question immediately after he asks it.
  • C. Offer to discuss Joe's questions with him after class.
  • D. Privately criticize Joe for asking unrelated questions.
  • E. Ignore Joe's questions.

Answer: C

As an instructor it is very important that you demonstrate excellent personal sell-esteem. Select two ways of demonstrating this in class:(Select two)

  • A. Purchase the students pizza on the first day of class.
  • B. Allow for positive differences of opinion within the classroom.
  • C. Ask overhead questions.
  • D. Invite and be open to having students share experiences that may be different from the instructors.
  • E. Ask directed questions.

Answer: CD

Mr. Bell has a large amount of Information to present In a short period of time. Referring to the above scenario, what presentation method can Mr. Bell use to accomplish this?

  • A. Group discussion approach
  • B. Buzz Groups
  • C. Teacher-centered approach
  • D. Student-teacher interaction
  • E. Role playing

Answer: B

You are an instructor and show up to class as usually in a coat and be. You are in Hawaii teaching at the bank of Hawaii at their site. All of your students are wearing Hawaii shirts. It is most likely that your dress may create an issue with which type of credibility:

  • A. Content
  • B. Social Racial
  • C. Racial
  • D. Personal

Answer: B

What is the exam code for E-Commerce Architect exam?

  • A. 212-31
  • B. 212-32
  • C. 212-33
  • D. 312-32
  • E. 212-34

Answer: B

Select below three ways an Instructor can create an appropriate level of learner comfort.(Select three)

  • A. Students that make errors ate given positive feedback.
  • B. Students who participate less receive mote questions and feedback.
  • C. Student's personal risk is minimized.
  • D. Students, who participate more, receive more questions and feedback.
  • E. Student's are given games to supporting learning objectives.

Answer: ACE

You are introducing a lesson to a group of students. After presenting the objectives of the lesson, you tell a three minute story. You look around the classroom and the students seem perplexed and confused.
Which one of the following is the main reason for the students' reaction in the above scenario?

  • A. You should have used an analogy.
  • B. The story included some startling or shocking statements.
  • C. The story was too long.
  • D. The story did NOT relate to the objectives you presented.
  • E. The story was NOT funny.

Answer: D

Sheryl often uses incorrect grammar in her questions and answers.
Referring to the above scenario, how do you tactfully indicate the correct grammar usage?

  • A. Restate her question or answer in correct grammar.
  • B. Only answer questions and acknowledge her answers
  • C. Interrupt her questions or answers so it does NOT aggravate other students.
  • D. Privately criticize her grammar on the next break.
  • E. Privately criticize her grammar on the next break and tell her if it does NOT improve, you will be critical of her grammar in front of the class.

Answer: B

While preparing for an upcoming Knowledge Management course, the instructorteams from the student's manager that all of the students already possesses sufficient skills and experience in a few of the sections of the course. What action should the instructor take when planning the course delivery?

  • A. Accelerate the course schedule.
  • B. The Instructor should validate the existing skill level of the students during each section identified, while planning additional exercises to challenge the students.
  • C. The instructor should omit the sections that the student's manager feels that the students already possess sufficient skills in.
  • D. The Instructor should make alterations to the planned course to include additional topics that may interest students.

Answer: B

Which one of the following is NOT a characteristic of a good question?

  • A. Short enough for students to remember
  • B. Stated so that it suggests an answer
  • C. Stated in a language familiar to the student
  • D. Constructed to stress the key points of a lesson
  • E. Stated to require a simple yes or no answer

Answer: B

Mf. Moore is poor at articulating his thoughts and opinions. Sometimes his responses to your questions do NOT make total sense or they are not well organized, how should you deal with the student's responses in the above situation?

  • A. Accept his answers as they are because he is participating in class.
  • B. Stop asking him questions that require a detailed answer.
  • C. Ask him only open-end questions.
  • D. Try to get a clearer picture of what he said and rephrase his answer.
  • E. Direct another student to rephrase M
  • F. Moore's answer.

Answer: D

Before a class is started, it is instructor's role is to do all of the following before the class commences:

  • A. The adequacy of the facility is confirmed.
  • B. Room status report is written and given to courseware designer.
  • C. Make sure learner supplies and courseware are ready and neat.
  • D. Equipment is checked to make sure it is operable.

Answer: ACD

During the ENSA program, you notice that one of the students in the class does not have the prerequisites for the course. Which of these actions is an appropriate method for you to do?

  • A. Modify the pace of the course so that the student can accommodate and learn the course objectives effectively.
  • B. Ignore such students and continue the class.
  • C. Ask the student to cancel his admission and leave the classroom immediately.
  • D. Tell the student that you can assist the student, but without the basic knowledge requested for the course it would be difficult for him/her to successfully complete the program.

Answer: D

An instructor is teaching an e Business class in Seattle Washington during a category 7.5 earthquake. The instructor is standing and feels the earth shacking and opening up under him/her. The instructor jumps to the ground and find protection under a table. The projector shakes off the ceiling and nearly hits a student named Fuck. The goal of the instructor over everything else is to maintain safe learning environment.
Address where the action taken by the instructor of jumping under the table will meet that stated goal.

  • A. Likely, as the instructor is alive and can now resolve student safety issues.
  • B. Likely, as the instructor realized that such natural disasters are exception to his duty.
  • C. Because instructor's safety comes before the students
  • D. Unlikely, as the instructor met his/her needs and not the safety needs of the students.

Answer: A

Content Credibility is best accomplished by which of the following?

  • A. Feedback regarding the instructor performance is invited and positively accepted.
  • B. Learner's questions are answered thoroughly, confidently, and accurately.
  • C. Modeling group norms of behavior.
  • D. Respect a given equally to all learners.

Answer: B

You are delivering a lecture to a new group of learners. At different points in the lecture students have problems understanding the new concepts. Select two techniques below that you can use to help them overcome their confusion:

  • A. Give additional examples about the concept.
  • B. Make minor re-sequencing of activities to meet learner's needs-
  • C. Restate the information you just gave about the concept.

Answer: A

Which of the following can be done to help minimize distractions?

  • A. Ensure learners know the rules for dress and conduct.
  • B. Ensure exterior noises or interruptions are controlled as well as possible.
  • C. Ensure learners know the schedule for breaks and meals.
  • D. All of the above.

Answer: D


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