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New EC-Council 312-50v10 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 9 - Question 18)

Q1. Which protocol is used for setting up secure channels between two devices, typically in VPNs?





Answer: B

Q2. Which of the following provides a security professional with most information about the systemu2019s security posture?

A. Wardriving, warchalking, social engineering

B. Social engineering, company site browsing, tailgating

C. Phishing, spamming, sending trojans

D. Port scanning, banner grabbing, service identification

Answer: D

Q3. You are working as a Security Analyst in a company XYZ that owns the whole subnet range of and

While monitoring the data, you find a high number of outbound connections. You see that IPu2019s owned by XYZ (Internal) and private IPu2019s are communicating to a Single Public IP. Therefore, the Internal IPu2019s are sending data to the Public IP.

After further analysis, you find out that this Public IP is a blacklisted IP, and the internal communicating devices are compromised.

What kind of attack does the above scenario depict?

A. Botnet Attack

B. Spear Phishing Attack

C. Advanced Persistent Threats

D. Rootkit Attack

Answer: A

Q4. During the process of encryption and decryption, what keys are shared?

A. Private keys

B. User passwords

C. Public keys

D. Public and private keys

Answer: C

Q5. Chandler works as a pen-tester in an IT-firm in New York. As a part of detecting viruses in the systems, he uses a detection method where the anti-virus executes the malicious codes on a virtual machine to simulate CPU and memory activities.

Which type of virus detection method did Chandler use in this context?

A. Heuristic Analysis

B. Code Emulation

C. Integrity checking

D. Scanning

Answer: B

Q6. What is the least important information when you analyze a public IP address in a security alert?


B. Whois


D. Geolocation

Answer: A

Q7. What is the purpose of a demilitarized zone on a network?

A. To scan all traffic coming through the DMZ to the internal network

B. To only provide direct access to the nodes within the DMZ and protect the network behind it

C. To provide a place to put the honeypot

D. To contain the network devices you wish to protect

Answer: B

Q8. In Wireshark, the packet bytes panes show the data of the current packet in which format?

A. Decimal

B. ASCII only

C. Binary

D. Hexadecimal

Answer: D

Q9. Which one of the following Google advanced search operators allows an attacker to restrict the results to those websites in the given domain?

A. [cache:]

B. [site:]

C. [inurl:]

D. [link:]

Answer: B

Q10. Due to a slowdown of normal network operations, the IT department decided to monitor internet traffic for all of the employees. From a legal stand point, what would be troublesome to take this kind of measure?

A. All of the employees would stop normal work activities

B. IT department would be telling employees who the boss is

C. Not informing the employees that they are going to be monitored could be an invasion of privacy.

D. The network could still experience traffic slow down.

Answer: C

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