Through making an EC-Council just one always be anywhere near this much better get at any kind of near future position chance or development around our expert living. 312-50 recognition can be awarded if your nominee goes your computerised check-up happening in a safe natural environment. The particular EC-Council 312-50courses typically has a thorough program product spanning the vast majority of basic and sophisticated subject material from the nervous EC-Council item.

2017 Apr 312-50 test engine

Q411. You are trying to hijack a telnet session from a victim machine with IP address to Cisco router at You sniff the traffic and attempt to predict the sequence and acknowledgement numbers to successfully hijack the telnet session. 

Here is the captured data in tcpdump. 

What are the next sequence and acknowledgement numbers that the router will send to the victim machine? 

A. Sequence number: 82980070 Acknowledgement number: 17768885A. 

B. Sequence number: 17768729 Acknowledgement number: 82980070B. 

C. Sequence number: 87000070 Acknowledgement number: 85320085C. 

D. Sequence number: 82980010 Acknowledgement number: 17768885D. 

Answer: A

Q412. Choose one of the following pseudo codes to describe this statement: 

If we have written 200 characters to the buffer variable, the stack should stop because it cannot hold any more data. 

A. If (I > 200) then exit (1) 

B. If (I < 200) then exit (1) 

C. If (I <= 200) then exit (1) 

D. If (I >= 200) then exit (1) 

Answer: D

Q413. Nathalie would like to perform a reliable scan against a remote target. She is not concerned about being stealth at this point. Which of the following type of scans would be the most accurate and reliable? 

A. A FIN Scan 

B. A Half Scan 

C. A UDP Scan 

D. The TCP Connect Scan 

Answer: D

Explanation: The connect() system call provided by your operating system is used to open a connection to every interesting port on the machine. If the port is listening, connect() will succeed, otherwise the port isn't reachable. One strong advantage to this technique is that you don't need any special privileges. This is the fastest scanning method supported by nmap, and is available with the -t (TCP) option. The big downside is that this sort of scan is easily detectable and filterable. 

Q414. Samantha has been actively scanning the client network for which she is doing a vulnerability assessment test. While doing a port scan she notices ports open in the 135 to 139 range. What protocol is most likely to be listening on those ports? 





Answer: A

Explanation: Port 135 is for RPC and 136-139 is for NetBIOS traffic. SMB is an upper layer service that runs on top of the Session Service and the Datagram service of NetBIOS. 

Q415. What is the most common vehicle for social engineering attacks? 

A. Phone 

B. Email 

C. In person 

D. P2P Networks 

Answer: A

Explanation: Pretexting is the act of creating and using an invented scenario (the pretext) to persuade a target to release information or perform an action and is usually done over the telephone. 

Leading 312-50 testing engine:

Q416. BankerFox is a Trojan that is designed to steal users' banking data related to certain banking entities. 

When they access any website of the affected banks through the vulnerable Firefox 3.5 browser, the Trojan is activated and logs the information entered by the user. All the information entered in that website will be logged by the Trojan and transmitted to the attacker's machine using covert channel. 

BankerFox does not spread automatically using its own means. It needs an attacking user's intervention in order to reach the affected computer. 

What is the most efficient way an attacker located in remote location to infect this banking Trojan on a victim's machine? 

A. Physical access - the attacker can simply copy a Trojan horse to a victim's hard disk infecting the machine via Firefox add-on extensions 

B. Custom packaging - the attacker can create a custom Trojan horse that mimics the appearance of a program that is unique to that particular computer 

C. Custom packaging - the attacker can create a custom Trojan horse that mimics the appearance of a program that is unique to that particular computer 

D. Custom packaging - the attacker can create a custom Trojan horse that mimics the appearance of a program that is unique to that particular computer 

E. Downloading software from a website? An attacker can offer free software, such as shareware programs and pirated mp3 files 

Answer: E

Q417. Attackers can potentially intercept and modify unsigned SMB packets, modify the traffic and forward it so that the server might perform undesirable actions. Alternatively, the attacker could pose as the server or client after a legitimate authentication and gain unauthorized access to data. Which of the following is NOT a means that can be used to minimize or protect against such an attack? 

A. Timestamps 

B. SMB Signing 

C. File permissions 

D. Sequence numbers monitoring 

Answer: ABD

Q418. Peter extracts the SID list from Windows 2008 Server machine using the hacking tool "SIDExtracter". Here is the output of the SIDs: 

From the above list identify the user account with System Administrator privileges? 

A. John 

B. Rebecca 

C. Sheela 

D. Shawn 

E. Somia 

F. Chang 

G. Micah 

Answer: F

Q419. While reviewing the results of a scan run against a target network you come across the following: 

What was used to obtain this output? 

A. An SNMP Walk 

B. Hping2 diagnosis 

C. A Bo2K System query 

D. Nmap protocol/port scan 

Answer: A

Explanation: The snmpwalk command is designed to perform a sequence of chained GETNEXT requests automatically, rather than having to issue the necessary snmpgetnext requests by hand. The command takes a single OID, and will display a list of all the results which lie within the subtree rooted on this OID. 

Q420. Your are trying the scan a machine located at ABC company’s LAN named Actually that machine located behind the firewall. Which port is used by nmap to send the TCP synchronize frame to on 

A. 443 

B. 80 

C. 8080 

D. 23 

Answer: A