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A user reports that they cannot reach from a UCS server to an FC Storage array. Which command is used to test communication between an FCF and a target?

  • A. fcroute
  • B. traceroute
  • C. fcping
  • D. ping

Answer: C

An engineer attempts to register Cisco UCS Manager to Cisco UCS Central, but the registration fails. The engineer can ping Cisco UCS Central from UCS Manager. Which two actions must the engineer attempt to resolve the problem? (Choose two.)

  • A. Synchronize the date and time to NTP for Cisco UCS Central and the Cisco UCS domains.
  • B. Apply the UCS Central license to UCS Central.
  • C. Place Cisco UCS Manager on the same subnet as Cisco UCS Central.
  • D. Allow port 443 between Cisco UCS Manager and Cisco UCS Central.
  • E. Allow port 9443 between Cisco UCS Manager and Cisco UCS Central.

Answer: AD

An engineer is troubleshooting a failed DCBX exchange between a server and a Cisco Nexus switch. Which action allows DCBX to successfully negotiate?

  • A. Enable ETS
  • B. Enable PFC.
  • C. Enable Cisco Discovery Protocol.
  • D. Enable LLDP.

Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit. A switch is being downgraded to an earlier release because of a problem with the current release. After the switch is downgraded, it can no longer forward traffic. Which action resolves the issue?

  • A. Enable ISSD after the downgrade is complete.
  • B. Roll back to the original image.
  • C. Reload the switch.
  • D. Shut and no shut the interfaces to the FEX.

Answer: B

300-615 dumps exhibit
Refer to the exhibit. An engineer is performing a health check on ACI. Which statement about interface Ethernet 1/11 is true?

  • A. The interface is working correctly and fully operational, but it is not in use.
  • B. The interface policy is misconfigured.
  • C. “out-of-service” is the default interface status in ACI.
  • D. “out-of-service” indicates that no service graph is in use for this interface.

Answer: B

A server administrator attempts to change the Cisco IMC KVM certificate to one signed by a private CA, but the certificate is not being accepted. What can cause this process to fail?

  • A. using a certificate with a password-protected private key
  • B. RSA encryption being used in the generation of the certificate.
  • C. AES encryption being used in the generation of the certificate.
  • D. public IP addres of the Cisco IMC not being included in the SAN.

Answer: A

A vPC Type-1 inconsistency between two vPC peers in a VXLAN EVPN setup is discovered. Which two actions need to be attempted to resolve the issue? (Choose two.)

  • A. Configure the NVE interfaces to be Up on both switches.
  • B. Set a different distributed gateway virtual MAC address.
  • C. Set a different secondary IP addresses on NVE source-interface.
  • D. Configure the same VNI to multicast group maping.
  • E. Set a different primary IP addresses on NVE source-interface.

Answer: AD

An engineer must replace a failed memory on a Cisco UCS B-Series Blade Server. After the replacement was done, the server has a “resolve slot” warning. Which server maintenance action resolves the issue?

  • A. Perform diagnostic interrupt on the server.
  • B. Re-acknowlegement the server.
  • C. Reset the server.
  • D. Decomission the server.

Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit. A new Cisco Nexus 5548 Switch connects to a network. SAN switching is configured on the switch. The switch fc2/10 NP uplink is shown in the exhibit. Which action ensures that fc2/10 is in an up state?

  • A. Replace the SFP port module in fc2/10.
  • B. Configure the admin port type E on the upstream switch that connects the port.
  • C. Enable NPIV on the upstream switch that connects the port.
  • D. Configure the BB_credit buffers on the upstream switch that connects the port.

Answer: C

A mission-critical server is connected to site A. Connectivity to this server is lost from site B because the MAC route is missing in the OTV VDC of the Nexus 7000 in site B due to MAC aging. Which action allows the flooding of the unknown unicast MAC on the Nexus 7000 in the OTV VDC?

  • A. Use route-map to advertise this MAC statically and redistribute with ISIS.
  • B. Unknown unicast flooding is not allowed.
  • C. Use the otv flood mac <> command to selectively flood traffic for a given MAC.
  • D. Use the otv isis bfd <> command to configure BFD protocol.

Answer: B

A Fibre Channel interface on a Cisco Nexus 5000 Series Switch receives bit errors, and the switch disables the interface. A temporary workaround must be implemented before the root cause is identified. Which action does an engineer take to prevent this issue from reoccurring?

  • A. Verify that the SFPs are supported.
  • B. Change the SFP to operate at 4 Gbps instead of 2 Gbps.
  • C. Run the shutdown and then no shutdown command on the interface.
  • D. Run the switchport ignore bit-errors command on the interface.

Answer: D

300-615 dumps exhibit
Refer to the exhibit. An engineer is investigating a role mapping issue on a switch. The users report that they cannot view the IP addresses under the tenant “corp”. Which action resolves the issue?

  • A. Add the users to the RADIUS server.
  • B. Update the UNIX ID.
  • C. Configure the correct secret password between the APIC and the RADIUS server.
  • D. Add the updated avpair to include/corp/admin/

Answer: C

300-615 dumps exhibit
Refer to the exhibit. The EEM script overrides all events in the system policy. What should be added to the script to resolve the issue?

  • A. event statement
  • B. environment variable
  • C. event-default action statement
  • D. configure terminal action

Answer: A

A fabric interconnect fails to start and the console displays the loader prompt. Which two actions resolve the issue? (Choose two.)

  • A. Load an uncorrupt bootloader image.
  • B. Load an uncorrupt kickstart image.
  • C. Reconnect L1/L2 cables between the Fis.
  • D. Reformat the fabric interconnect.
  • E. Load the correct version of the boot image.

Answer: BE

Drag and drop the actions from the left onto the faults that they resolve on the right. Not all options are used.
Select and Place:
300-615 dumps exhibit

  • A. Mastered
  • B. Not Mastered

Answer: A

300-615 dumps exhibit

Refer to the exhibit. The HSRP configuration in the exhibit fails to function. Which action resolves this issue?

  • A. Enable IP redirects.
  • B. Set the MTU to 1500 bytes.
  • C. Configure HSRP version 2.
  • D. Configure the same HSRP group on both devices.

Answer: A

An engineer discovers that an NPV/NPIV uplink experiences a heavy load and plans to add more uplinks. Which statement about what occurs when the new uplinks are added is true?

  • A. Only new connections use the new uplinks automatically.
  • B. Paths must be defined before new connections can use the new uplinks.
  • C. All connections must be reset before the new uplinks can be used.
  • D. New and existing connections use the new uplinks automatically.

Answer: D

300-615 dumps exhibit
Refer to the exhibit. HSRP adjacency fails to form between Nexus7K-1 and Nexus7K-2. Which action should be taken to solve the problem?

  • A. Configure preempt on one of the switches in the HSRP group.
  • B. Configure the same HSRP priority between the two switches.
  • C. Configure the correct subnet mask on Nexus7K-1.
  • D. Configure HSRP version 2 on Nexus7K-2.

Answer: D

300-615 dumps exhibit
Refer to an exhibit. An engineer is troubleshooting an upgrade failure on a switch. Which action resolves the issue?

  • A. Save the system image in NVRAM.
  • B. Use the same system image as the kickstart image.
  • C. Load a new system image.
  • D. Reload the same system image.

Answer: C

300-615 dumps exhibit
Refer to the exhibit. A web browser displays a “not secure” warning message when accessing the web interface of Cisco UCS Manager. Which action resolves the issue?

  • A. Load third-party certificate to UCS Manager.
  • B. Use the correct TCP port for HTTPS.
  • C. Use a supported web browser.
  • D. Use a supported version of UCS Manager.

Answer: A


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