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New Cisco 300-320 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 15 - Question 24)

Question No: 15

Which two options are storage topologies? (Choose two.)





Answer: B,D

Question No: 16

What are the most important scaling factors that need to be considered while selecting VPN head end device? (Choose two) (E)

A. Memory

B. Packets per seconds

C. Connection speed

D. CPU Limit

E. No of Tunnels

Answer: B,D

Question No: 17

Which protocol is required for end-to-end signaling in an IntServ QoS architecture?



C. ToS


E. DiffServ

Answer: A

Question No: 18

Which two design principles should be followed to scale EIGRP properly? (Choose two.)

A. Ensure that the network design follows a structured hierarchical topology.

B. Utilize route summarization on edge devices.

C. Implement multiple autonomous systems, regardless of the size of the network.

D. Tune EIGRP delay metric on all core devices.

E. Configure offset lists on the network border.

Answer: A,B

Question No: 19

Which two options describe how Taboo contracts differ from regular contracts in Cisco ACI? (Choose two) (E)

A. Taboo contract entries are looked up with higher priority than entries in regular contracts

B. Taboo contract entries are looked up with lower priority than entries in regular contracts.

C. They are not associated with one EPG

D. They are not associated with EPGs

E. Taboo contract entries are looked up based on administrator configured priority

F. They are associated with pair of EPGs

Answer: A,F


There may be times when the ACI administrator might need to deny traffic that is allowed by another contract. Taboos are a special type of contract that an ACI administrator can use to deny specific traffic that would otherwise be allowed by

another contract. Taboos can be used to drop traffic matching a pattern (any EPG, a specific EPG, matching a filter, and so forth). Taboo rules are applied in the hardware

before the rules of regular contracts are applied. Taboo contracts are not recommended as part of the ACI best practices but they can be used to transition from traditional networking to ACI. To imitate the traditional networking concepts, an "allow-all-traffic" contract can be applied, with taboo contracts configured to restrict certain types of traffic."

Question No: 20

Which action can be taken on a multiaccess segment with OSPF speakers to reduce the performance impact during widespread convergence events?

A. Separate the network into multiple areas for each new multiaccess segment.

B. Enable LSA throttling in the core to slow link state advertisement updates during times of network instability.

C. Ensure that the elected DR or BDR router can support high-volume convergence events.

D. Verify that fewer than 50 OSPF speakers are on the segment.

Answer: B



"It is worth noting that three most important timers to tune network for sub-second convergence are the failure detection delay, initial LSA generation delay and initial SPF delay. All other timers, such as hold and maximum time serve the purpose of stabilizing network, and affect convergence in u201cworst-caseu201d unstable network scenarios."

More info on LSA throttling: https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/ios/12_0s/feature/guide/fsolsath.html

"Benefits of OSPF LSA Throttling Prior to the OSPF LSA Throttling feature, LSA generation was rate-limited for 5 seconds. That meant that changes in an LSA could not be propagated in milliseconds, so the OSPF network could not achieve millisecond convergence. The OSPF LSA Throttling feature is enabled by default and allows faster OSPF convergence (in milliseconds). This feature can be customized. One command controls the generation (sending) of LSAs and another command controls the receiving interval. This feature also provides a dynamic mechanism to slow down the frequency of LSA updates in OSPF during times of network instability."

Question No: 21

EIGRP configured on access switch level. What needs to be taken into account for optimal results?

A. Configure stub networks

B. configuring switch-to-switch

C. carry multiple VLANs

D. fixed-configuration switches

Answer: A

Question No: 22

A large-scale IP SLA deployment is causing memory and CPU shortages on the router in an enterprise network. Which solution can be implemented to mitigate

these issues? (E)

A. An offline router for disaster recovery

B. CPE device that is managed by the network provider

C. A shadow router

D. A standby router for failover operation

Answer: C

Question No: 23

Which technology provides easier encryption management?



C. IPsec

D. EasyVPN


Answer: A

Question No: 24

Two Cisco switches with 1 SUP and many 10G line-card ports for each switch, run in VSS mode. In which case or for what reason you don't connect all VSL to SUP?

A. The need for hardware diversity

B. Bandwidth congestion at SUP

C. In case the sup fail

D. Qos must be configured on both

Answer: A

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