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Q21. Which STP enhancement can be configured on Layer 2 ports between distribution layer switches? 

A. LoopGuard 

B. PortFast 

C. UplinkFast 

D. RootGuard 


Q22. To which network layer should Cisco Express Forwarding be tuned to support load balancing and to make more informed forwarding decisions? 

A. Layer 1 

B. Layer 2 

C. Layer 3 

D. Layer 4 

E. Layer 5 

F. Layer 6 

G. Layer 7 


Q23. A campus network utilizes EIGRP to connect to.several remote branch offices. 

Which configuration should be established on all branch routers to improve routing scalability and performance? 

A. Configure authentication between the campus and branch offices. 

B. Enable stub routing on all branch routers. 

C. Adjust EIGRP k-values to utilize delay. 

D. Utilize offset lists to direct traffic more efficiently. 


Q24. Which two physical components can enable high availability on a Cisco 6500 device? (Choose two.) 

A. dual supervisor modules 

B. bundled Ethernet Interconnects 

C. line modules with DFCs 

D. redundant power supplies 

E. VSS interlink cables 

Answer: A,D 



Q26. Which two options are two benefits of a Layer 2 looped model? (Choose two.) 

A. extends VLANs between switches that are connected to a common aggregation module 

B. prevents uplink ports from entering the spanning-tree blocking state 

C. provides quick convergence with Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol 

D. increases performance to end hosts using directly connected, bonded Layer 2 links 

Answer: A,C 

Q27. Which protocol should be run on the LAN side of.two edge routers (that are terminating primary and backup WAN circuits) to provide quick failover in case of primary WAN circuit failure? 






Q28. Which IPv6 transition model should be utilized when two or more independent transition mechanisms are required? 

A. tunneling 

B. dual stack 

C. service block 

D. hybrid 

E. manual 


Q29. When considering the design of the E-Commerce topology which of the following are true? 

A. One-armed SLB design with multiple security contexts removes the need for a separate firewall in the core layer 

B. Two-firewall-layer SLB design considers the aggregation and access layers to be trusted zones, requiring no security between the web, application, and database zones 

C. One-armed SLB design with two firewall layers ensures that non load-balanced traffic still traverses the ACE so that the health and performance of the servers is still being monitored 

D. In all cases there will be configuration requirements for direct access to any servers or for nonload-balanced sessions initiated by the servers 


Q30. Which feature set enables the full OSPF routing process when using a Cisco Catalyst 3750X Switch? 

A. LAN base 

B. IP base 

C. IP services 

D. enterprise access