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Q11. Addressing QoS design in the Enterprise Campus network for IP Telephony applications means what? 

A. It is critical to identify aggregation and rate transition points in the network, where preferred traffic and congestion QoS policies should be enforced 

B. Suspect traffic should be dropped closest to the source, to minimize wasting network resources 

C. An Edge traffic classification scheme should be mapped to the downstream queue configuration 

D. Applications and Traffic flows should be classified, marked and policed within the Enterprise Edge of the Enterprise Campus network 


Q12. Click the Exhibit button. 

Refer to the exhibit. Which Layer 2 feature detects a link failure between the switch and router B that decreases OSPF reconvergence to approximately 50 milliseconds? 






Q13. A network engineer must create a Layer 2 switch block design that has deterministic convergence and is loop-free at Layer 2. Which two switch block elements are needed to meet the requirements? (Choose two.) 

A. Layer 3 link between distribution switches 

B. HSRP with interface tracking on uplinks to core switches 

C. RPVST with equal bridge priority on distribution switches 

D. VLANs that do not span access switches 

E. Layer 2 link between distribution switches 

Answer: A,D 

Q14. A customer with a single Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance wants to separate multiple segments of the e-commerce network to allow for different security policies. What firewall technology accommodates these design requirements? 

A. virtual contexts 

B. private VLANs 

C. admission control 

D. virtual private network 


Q15. Which option is a benefit of site-to-site VPNs? 

A. less configuration required than a WAN circuit 

B. more secure than a dedicated WAN circuit 

C. less expensive than a dedicated WAN circuit 

D. more reliable than a dedicated WAN circuit 


Q16. What data center network layer provides service module integration, Layer 2 domain definitions, and default gateway redundancy? 

A. core 

B. aggregation 

C. access 

D. edge 


Q17. What are two benefits of migrating from a vPC design to FabricPath? (Choose two.) 

A. infrastructure scalability 

B. lower latency 

C. ease of configuration 

D. network stability 

E. easy to manage 

Answer: A,D 

Q18. Which two options are two benefits of a Layer 2 looped model? (Choose two.) 

A. extends VLANs between switches that are connected to a common aggregation module 

B. prevents uplink ports from entering the spanning-tree blocking state 

C. provides quick convergence with Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol 

D. increases performance to end hosts using directly connected, bonded Layer 2 links 

Answer: A,C 

Q19. Which feature must be configured for the VRRP-enabled router to regain the master VRRP status upon recovery from a failure? 

A. priority 

B. authentication 

C. pre-emption 

D. Stateful Switchover 


Q20. Which of the following should the Enterprise Campus network designer consider with respect to Video traffic? 

A. While it is expected that the sum of all forms of video traffic will grow to over 90% by 2013, the Enterprise will be spared this rapid adoption of video by consumers through a traditional top-down approach 

B. Avoid bandwidth starvation due to video traffic by preventing and controlling the wide adoption of unsupported video applications 

C. Which traffic model is in use, the flow direction for the traffic streams between the application components, and the traffic trends for each video application 

D. Streaming video applications are sensitive to delay while interactive video applications, using TCP as the underlying transport, are fairly tolerant of delay and jitter