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Q62. Recently, the WAN links between the headquarters and branch offices have been slow under peak congestion, yet multiple alternate WAN paths exist that are not always congested. What technology can allow traffic to be routed in a more informed manner to utilize transport characteristics such as delay, loss, or link load? 

A. performance routing 

B. static routing 

C. on demand routing 

D. policy based routing 


Q63. Which option is a method of restricting access for users based on user roles and locales? A. RBAC 





Q64. Which option describes the effect of using softphones instead of VoIP handsets on QoS implementation for the voice traffic? 

A. It provides a Layer 2 CoS marking in the frames that can be used for QoS implementation. 

B. Using softphones means that 802.1Q tagging must be configured between the PC and the switch. 

C. The voice traffic of softphones is mixed with data traffic of PC on the access VLAN. 

D. By using softphones, the implementation of a QoS depends only on trusting DSCP markings set by the PC. 


Q65. Which VPN technology is tunnel-less? 




D. IPsec VPN 


Q66. Which three of these Metro service types map to E-Line (versus E-LAN) services that are defined by the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF)? (Choose three.) 

A. Ethernet Private Line 

B. Ethernet Wire Service 

C. Ethernet Relay Service 

D. Ethernet Multipoint Service 

E. Ethernet Relay Multipoint Service 

Answer: A,B,C 

Q67. What is one reason to implement Control Plane Policing? 

A. allow OSPF routing protocol to advertise routes 

B. protect the network device route processor from getting overloaded by rate limiting the incoming control plane packets 

C. allow network devices to generate and receive packets 

D. protect the data plane packets 


Q68. Which security feature can help prevent spoofed packets on the network? 

A. uRPF 

B. ACLs 


D. DHCP spoofing 


Q69. Support of vPC on the Cisco Nexus 5000 access switch enables various new design options for the data center Access layer, including which of the following? 

A. The vPC peer link is not required for Access layer control traffic, and can instead be used to span VLANs across the vPC access switches 

B. A single switch can associate per-interface with more than one vPC domain 

C. vPC can be used on both sides of the MEC, allowing a unique 16-link EtherChannel to be built between the access and aggregation switches 

D. Allows an EtherChannel between a server and a access switch while still maintaining the level of availability that is associated with dual-homing a server to two different access switches 


Q70. Which statement is the most accurate regarding IPsec VPN design for an Enterprise Campus environment? 

A. VPN device IP addressing must align with the existing Campus addressing scheme. 

B. The choice of a hub-and-spoke or meshed topology ultimately depends on the number of remotes. 

C. Sizing and selection of the IPsec VPN headend devices is most affected by the throughput bandwidth requirements for the remote offices and home worker 

D. Scaling considerations such as headend configuration, routing protocol choice, and topology have the broadest impact on the design.