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Q131. A campus network in a switch block design requires redundant distribution switches, load sharing across uplinks, a loop-free topology, and only one gateway IP address per VLAN. Which switching technology meets all of the requirements? 



C. Spanning Tree Protocol 

D. EtherChannel 


Q132. Which option is an.advantage of using PIM sparse mode instead of PIM dense mode? 

A. No RP is required. 

B. There is reduced congestion in the network. 

C. IGMP is not required. 

D. It floods all multicast traffic throughout the network. 


Q133. When is a first-hop redundancy protocol needed in the distribution layer? 

A. when the design implements Layer 2 between the access and distribution blocks 

B. when multiple vendor devices need to be supported 

C. when preempt tuning of the default gateway is needed 

D. when a robust method of backing up the default gateway is needed 

E. when the design implements Layer 2 between the access switch and the distribution blocks 


Q134. What two features are inherent advantages of MPLS VPN services? (Choose two.) 

A. service providers can provide additional services 

B. virtual private networks segment traffic and ensure privacy 

C. easier to troubleshoot than Layer 2 WAN technologies 

D. faster data transfer speeds at lower costs 

E. functions without Cisco Express Forwarding 

Answer: A,B 

Q135. Which practice is recommended when designing scalable OSPF networks? 

A. Maximize the number of routers in an area. 

B. Minimize the number of ABRs. 

C. Minimize the number of areas supported by an ABR. 

D. Maximize the number of router adjacencies. 


Q136. Which command can you enter to inject BGP routes into an IGP? 

A. redistribute bgp 

B. redistribute static 

C. redistribute static subnet 

D. default-information originate 


Q137. What is an advantage of using the Cisco FabricPath feature in a data center environment? 

A. VSS does not have to be configured. 

B. Transparent Interconnection of Lots of Links can be configured simultaneously. 

C. Equal-Cost Multipath can be used to choose the forwarding path. 

D. The control plane and management plane remain separate. 


Q138. Which option does the FabricPath technology use to create loop-free Layer 2 networks? 



C. fabric tags 



Q139. Which NAC design model matches the following definitions?.

A. Layer 3 in-band virtual gateway 

B. Layer 3 out-of-band with addressing 

C. Layer 2 in-band virtual gateway 

D. Layer 2 out-of-band virtual gateway 


Q140. A network engineer must provide 40mb connections from the data center to the corporate office and two remote offices. What WAN connectivity option will outsource the routing in cooperation with the service provider? 

A. Ethernet Private Line 

B. Ethernet Multipoint Service