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Q51. What is the correct state between two BGP peers that are neighbors? 

A. active 

B. operational 

C. established 

D. up 


Q52. A BGP network is having difficulty scaling with the full mesh peer requirement. What two iBGP alternates can scale BGP appropriately? (Choose two.) 

A. communities 

B. route reflectors 

C. confederations 

D. peer groups 

E. peer templates 

Answer: B,C 

Q53. A network engineer is building a LAN design that includes Cisco NAC. What two characteristics of an out-of-band NAC deployment are important to consider when evaluating it for the design? (Choose two.) 

A. supported by a limited number of switch models 

B. never in-line with user traffic 

C. aggregate client traffic is constrained to NAC server port speed 

D. recommended if sharing ports between IP phones and PCs 

E. supports real IP gateway (routed mode) 

Answer: A,D 

Q54. What is the recommended subnet between two sites that have a point-to-point connection to conserve IP addresses? 






Q55. Which three options are recommended practices when configuring VTP? (Choose three.) 

A. Set the switch to transparent mode. 

B. Set the switch to server mode. 

C. Enable VLAN pruning. 

D. Disable VLAN pruning. 

E. Specify a domain name. 

F. Clear the domain name. 

Answer: A,D,E 

Q56. An engineer is designing a new data center network so that the topology maintains fewer uplinks to the aggregation layer to reduce STP processing requirements. What data center topology meets the RFP requirements? 

A. mesh 

B. top of rack 

C. star 

D. end of row 


Q57. Port security supports which type of port? 

A. SPAN destination port 

B. EtherChannel port-channel port 

C. nonnegotiating trunk port 

D. DTP-enabled trunk port 


Q58. Which IPv6 transition model should be utilized when two or more independent transition mechanisms are required? 

A. tunneling 

B. dual stack 

C. service block 

D. hybrid 

E. manual 




Q60. Recently, the WAN links between the headquarters and branch offices have been slow under peak congestion, yet multiple alternate WAN paths exist that are not always congested. What technology can allow traffic to be routed in a more informed manner to utilize transport characteristics such as delay, loss, or link load? 

A. performance routing 

B. static routing 

C. on demand routing 

D. policy based routing