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Q151. Which two network management capabilities that are embedded in Cisco IOS Software will baseline existing application traffic? (Choose two.) 

A. Syslog 

B. AutoQoS 

C. NetFlow 



F. Logging 

Answer: C,E 

Q152. Which algorithm does IS-IS use to determine the shortest path through a network? 

A. Bellman-Ford routing algorithm 

B. Johnson's.algorithm 

C. Dijkstra's algorithm 

D. Floyd-Warshall algorithm 


Q153. Which technology is an example of the need for a designer to clearly define features and desired performance when designing advanced WAN services with a service provider? 

A. FHRP to remote branches 

B. Layer 3 MPLS VPNs secure routing 

C. Control protocols (for example Spanning Tree Protocol) for a Layer 3 MPLS service 

D. Intrusion prevention, QoS, and stateful firewall support network wide 


Q154. Which option is used as a top-of-rack device that is managed by its parent device, providing ease of management? 

A. Cisco Nexus 2000 

B. Cisco Nexus 5000 

C. Cisco Nexus 7000 

D. Cisco Nexus 9000 


Q155. A well-designed IP addressing scheme supporting role-based functions within the subnet will result in the most efficient use of which technology? 

A. Layer 3 switching in the core 

B. Network Admission Control (NAC) 

C. IP telephony (voice and video) services 

D. ACLs 


Q156. Which protocol will not adhere to the design requirement of the control plane being either separated or combined within a virtualization technology? 




D. NSF with SSO 


Q157. Which two modes does LACP support? (Choose two.) 

A. on 

B. passive 

C. associated 

D. link 

Answer: A,B 

Q158. Which network virtualization plane is used to separate traffic forwarding tables? 

A. control 

B. data 

C. management 

D. access 


Q159. Which of the following features might be used by the Enterprise Campus network designer as a means of route filtering? 

A. IPv4 static routes 

B. Route tagging using a route map in an ACL 

C. Tagging routes using the BGP MED 

D. EIGRP stub networks 


Q160. A network design engineer has been asked to reduce the size of the SPT on an IS-IS broadcast network. Which option should the engineer recommend to accomplish this task? 

A. Configure the links as point-to-multipoint. 

B. Configure QoS in all links. 

C. Configure a new NET address. 

D. Configure the links as point-to-point.