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Q101. Which option is the preferred and most versatile model to deploy IPv6 in existing IPv4 environments? 

A. hybrid 

B. service block 

C. dual stack 

D. processes 


Q102. A network engineer has implemented a looped triangle switch block design. What element must be included in the design? 

A. first hop redundancy protocol 

B. Layer 2 links between access switches 

C. single uplinks between access and distribution switches 

D. VLANs that span access switches 

E. Layer 3 links between distribution switches 


Q103. Which option is a benefit of the vPC+ feature? 

A. Cisco FabricPath is not required in the network domain. 

B. This feature provides fault domain separation. 

C. Nonfabric devices, such as a server or a classic Ethernet switch, can be connected to two fabric switches that are configured with vPC. 

D. The control plane and management plane are combined into one logical plane. 


Q104. Which two VPN solutions extend the routing capabilities of basic IPsec VPNs? (Choose two.) 






Answer: A,D 

Q105. A network team must provide a redundant secure connection between two entities using OSPF. The primary connection will be an Ethernet Private Line and the secondary connection will be a site-to-site VPN. What needs to be configured in order to support routing requirements for over the VPN connection? 

A. GRE Tunnel 


C. Root Certificate 

D. AAA Server 


Q106. Which STP enhancement can be configured on Layer 2 ports between distribution layer switches? 

A. LoopGuard 

B. PortFast 

C. UplinkFast 

D. RootGuard 


Q107. Which two types of authentication mechanisms can be used by VRRP for security? (Choose two.) 

A. SHA-1 

B. MD5 

C. SHA-256 

D. plaintext authentication 


Answer: B,D 

Q108. Which statement about data center access layer design modes is correct? 

A. The access layer is the first oversubscription point in a data center design. 

B. The data center access layer provides the physical-level connections to the server resources and only operates at Layer 3. 

C. When using a Layer 2 looped design, VLANs are not extended into the aggregation layer. 

D. When using a Layer 3 design, stateful services requiring Layer 2 connectivity are provisioned from the aggregation layer. 


Q109. Which Cisco NAC Appliance component is optional? 

A. NAC Appliance Manager 

B. NAC Appliance Server 

C. NAC Appliance Agent 

D. NAC Appliance Policy Updates 


Q110. What is the purpose of an OTV edge device? 

A. connect to other data centers 

B. connect to the access layer 

C. connect to the end users 

D. connect to mobile devices