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Q11. In WSA , which two pieces of information are required to implement transparent user identification using Context Directory Agent? (Choose two.)

A. the server name where Context Directory Agent is installed

B. the server name of the global catalog domain controller

C. the backup Context Directory Agent

D. the shared secret

E. the syslog server IP address

Answer: A E

Q12. Which type of server is required to communicate with a third-party DLP solution?

A. an ICAP-capable proxy server

B. a PKI certificate server

C. an HTTP server

D. an HTTPS server

Answer: A

Q13. Which option lists the minimum requirements to deploy a managed device inline?

A. passive interface, security zone, MTU, and link mode.

B. passive interface, MTU, MDI/MDIX, and link mode.

C. inline interfaces, MTU, MDI/MDIX, and link mode.

D. inline interfaces, security zones, MTU, and link mode.

Answer: A

Q14.  What is the maximum message size that the Cisco Email Security Appliance will accept from the violet.public domain?

A. 1 KB

B. 100 KB

C. 1 MB

D. 10 MB

E. 100 MB

F. Unlimited

Answer: D

Q15. Which Cisco AMP for Endpoints, what, is meant by simple custom detection?

A. It is a rule for identifying a file that should be whitelisted by Cisco AMP.

B. It is a method for identifying and quarantining a specific file by its SHA-256 hash.

C. It is a feature for configuring a personal firewall.

D. It is a method for identifying and quarantining a set of files by regular expression language.

Answer: A

Q16. In a Cisco FirePOWER instrusion policy, which two event actions can be configured on a rule? (Choose two.)

A. drop packet

B. drop and generate

C. drop connection

D. capture trigger packet

E. generate events

Answer: B

Q17. Which CLI command is used to generate firewall debug messages on a Cisco FirePOWER sensor?

A. system support ssl-debug

B. system support firewall-engine-debug

C. system support capture-traffic

D. system support platform

Answer: C

Q18. With Cisco AMP for Endpoints, which option shows a list of all files that have been executed in your environment?

A. vulnerable software

B. file analysis

C. detections

D. prevalence

E. threat root cause

Answer: C

Q19. When you create a new server profile on the Cisco ESA, which subcommand of the ldapconfig command configures spam quarantine end-user authentication?

A. server

B. test

C. isqalias

D. isqauth

Answer: D

Q20. The Web Cache Communication Protocol (WCCP) is a content-routing protocol that can facilitate the redirection of traffic flows in real time. Your organization has deployed WCCP to redirect web traffic that traverses their Cisco Adaptive Security Appliances (ASAs) to their Cisco Web Security Appliances (WSAs).

The simulator will provide access to the graphical user interfaces of one Cisco ASA and one Cisco WSA that are participating in a WCCP service. Not all aspects of the GUIs are implemented in the simulator. The options that have been implemented are sufficient to determine the best answer to each of the questions that are presented.

Your task is to examine the details available in the simulated graphical user interfaces and select the best answer.

Between the Cisco ASA configuration and the Cisco WSA configuration, what is true with respect to redirected ports?

A. Both are configured for port 80 only.

B. Both are configured for port 443 only.

C. Both are configured for both port 80 and 443.

D. Both are configured for ports 80, 443 and 3128.

E. There is a configuration mismatch on redirected ports.

Answer: C


This can be seen from the WSA Network tab shown below: