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Q21. Which two are features of GETVPN but not DMVPN and FlexVPN?.(Choose two.) 

A. one IPsec SA for all encrypted traffic 

B. no requirement for an overlay routing protocol 

C. design for use over public or private WAN 

D. sequence numbers that enable scalable replay checking 

E. enabled use of ESP or AH 

F. preservation of IP protocol in outer header 

Answer: A,B 

Q22. Which technology is FlexVPN based on? 



C. IKEv2 

D. an RSA nonce 


Q23. Which command clears all crypto configuration from a Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance? 

A. clear configure crypto 

B. clear configure crypto ipsec 

C. clear crypto map 

D. clear crypto ikev2 sa 


Q24. An administrator desires that when work laptops are not connected to the corporate network, they should automatically initiate an AnyConnect VPN tunnel back to headquarters. Where does the administrator configure this? 

A. Via the svc trusted-network command under the group-policy sub-configuration mode on the ASA 

B. Under the "Automatic VPN Policy" section inside the Anyconnect Profile Editor within ASDM 

C. Under the TNDPolicy XML section within the Local Preferences file on the client computer 

D. Via the svc trusted-network command under the global webvpn sub-configuration mode on the ASA 


Q25. When Cisco ASA applies VPN permissions, what is the first set of attributes that it applies? 

A. dynamic access policy attributes 

B. group policy attributes 

C. connection profile attributes 

D. user attributes 


Q26. Which benefit of FlexVPN is not offered by DMVPN using IKEv1? 

A. Dynamic routing protocols can be configured. 

B. IKE implementation can install routes in routing table. 

C. GRE encapsulation allows for forwarding of non-IP traffic. 

D. NHRP authentication provides enhanced security. 


Q27. Which configuration construct must be used in a FlexVPN tunnel? 

A. multipoint GRE tunnel interface 

B. IKEv1 policy 

C. IKEv2 profile 

D. EAP configuration 


Q28. To change the title panel on the logon page of the Cisco IOS WebVPN portal, which file must you configure? 

A. Cisco IOS WebVPN customization template 

B. Cisco IOS WebVPN customization general 

C. web-access-hlp.inc 

D. app-access-hlp.inc 


Q29. A network administrator is configuring AES encryption for the ISAKMP policy on an IOS router. Which two configurations are valid? (Choose two.) 

A. crypto isakmp policy 10 

encryption aes 254 

B. crypto isakmp policy 10 

encryption aes 192 

C. crypto isakmp policy 10 

encryption aes 256 

D. crypto isakmp policy 10 

encryption aes 196 

E. crypto isakmp policy 10 

encryption aes 199 

F. crypto isakmp policy 10 

encryption aes 64 

Answer: B,C 

Q30. Which option is a required element of Secure Device Provisioning communications? 

A. the introducer 

B. the certificate authority 

C. the requestor 

D. the registration authority