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New Cisco 300-208 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 11 - Question 20)

Question No: 11

Where is dynamic SGT classification configured?

A. Cisco ISE


C. supplicant

D. RADIUS proxy

Answer: A

Question No: 12

Which option is required for inline security group tag propagation?

A. Cisco Secure Access Control System

B. hardware support

C. Security Group Tag Exchange Protocol (SXP) v4

D. Cisco Identity Services Engine

Answer: B

Question No: 13

Which debug command on a Cisco WLC shows the reason that a client session was terminated?

A. debug dot11 state enable

B. debug dot1x packet enable

C. debug client mac addr

D. debug dtls event enable

E. debug ap enable cisco ap

Answer: C

Question No: 14

Which three statements describe differences between TACACS+ and RADIUS? (Choose three.)

A. RADIUS encrypts the entire packet, while TACACS+ encrypts only the password.

B. TACACS+ encrypts the entire packet, while RADIUS encrypts only the password.

C. RADIUS uses TCP, while TACACS+ uses UDP.

D. TACACS+ uses TCP, while RADIUS uses UDP.

E. RADIUS uses ports 1812 and 1813, while TACACS+ uses port 49.

F. TACACS+ uses ports 1812 and 1813, while RADIUS uses port 49

Answer: B,D,E

Question No: 15

Which command can check a AAA server authentication for server group Group1, user cisco, and password cisco555 on a Cisco ASA device?

A. ASA# test aaa-server authentication Group1 username cisco password cisco555

B. ASA# test aaa-server authentication group Group1 username cisco password cisco555

C. ASA# aaa-server authorization Group1 username cisco password cisco555

D. ASA# aaa-server authentication Group1 roger cisco555

Answer: A

Question No: 16

Which two switchport commands enable MAB and allow non-802.1X capable devices to immediately run through the MAB process? (Choose two.)

A. authentication order mab dot1x

B. authentication order dot1x mab

C. no authentication timer

D. dot1x timeout tx-period

E. authentication open

F. mab

Answer: A,F

Question No: 17

Which two identity store options allow you to authorize based on group membership? (Choose two).

A. Lightweight Directory Access Protocol

B. RSA SecurID server


D. Active Directory

Answer: A,D

Question No: 18

Which packets are allowed on a dot1x port with no authentication open before the port goes to an authorized state?





Answer: A

Question No: 19

Which devices support download of environmental data and IP from Cisco ISE to SGT bindings in their SGFW implementation?

A. Cisco ASA devices

B. Cisco ISR G2 and later devices with ZBFW

C. Cisco ISR G3 devices with ZBFW

D. Cisco ASR devices with ZBFW

Answer: A

Question No: 20

In Cisco ISE 1.3, where is BYOD enabled with dual-SSID onboarding?

A. client provisioning policy

B. client provisioning resources

C. BYOD portal

D. guest portal

Answer: D

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