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Q41. Which three options correctly identify the Cisco ASA1000V Cloud Firewall? (Choose three.) 

A. operates at Layer 2 

B. operates at Layer 3 

C. secures tenant edge traffic 

D. secures intraswitch traffic 

E. secures data center edge traffic 

F. replaces Cisco VSG 

G. complements Cisco VSG 

H. requires Cisco VSG 

Answer: B,C,G 

Q42. What is the primary purpose of stateful pattern recognition in Cisco IPS networks? 

A. mitigating man-in-the-middle attacks 

B. using multipacket inspection across all protocols to identify vulnerability-based attacks and to thwart attacks that hide within a data stream 

C. detecting and preventing MAC address spoofing in switched environments 

D. identifying Layer 2 ARP attacks 


Q43. Which option describes the purpose of the input parameter when you use the packet-tracer command on a Cisco device? 

A. to provide detailed packet-trace information 

B. to specify the source interface for the packet trace 

C. to display the trace capture in XML format 

D. to specify the protocol type for the packet trace 


Q44. Which option is the Cisco ASA on-box graphical management solution? 



C. Console 




You are the network security engineer for the Secure-X network. The company has recently detected Increase of traffic to malware Infected destinations. The Chief Security Officer deduced that some PCs in the internal networks are infected with malware and communicate with malware infected destinations. 

The CSO has tasked you with enable Botnet traffic filter on the Cisco ASA to detect and deny further connection attempts from infected PCs to malware destinations. You are also required to test your configurations by initiating connections through the Cisco ASA and then display and observe the Real-Time Log Viewer in ASDM. To successfully complete this activity, you must perform the following tasks: 

* Download the dynamic database and enable use of it. 

. Enable the ASA to download of the dynamic database 

. Enable the ASA to download of the dynamic database. 

. Enable DNS snooping for existing DNS inspection service policy rules.. 

. Enable Botnet Traffic Filter classification on the outside interface for All Traffic. 

. Configure the Botnet Traffic Filter to drop blacklisted traffic on the outside interface. Use the default Threat Level settings 

NOTE: The database files are stored in running memory; they are not stored in flash memory. 

NOTE: DNS is enabled on the inside interface and set to the HQ-SRV ( 

NOTE: Not all ASDM screens are active for this exercise. 

. Verify that the ASA indeed drops traffic to blacklisted destinations by doing the following: 

. From the Employee PC, navigate to to make sure that access to the Internet is working. 

. From the Employee PC, navigate to This destination is classified as malware destination by the Cisco SIO database. 

. From the Employee PC, navigate to This destination is classified as malware destination by the Cisco SIO database. 

. From Admin PC, launch ASDM to display and observe the Real-Time Log Viewer. 

Answer: Use the following configuration to setup in explanation. 

Q46. Which statement about Cisco IPS Manager Express is true? 

A. It provides basic device management for large-scale deployments. 

B. It provides a GUI for configuring IPS sensors and security modules. 

C. It enables communication with Cisco ASA devices that have no administrative access. 

D. It provides greater security than simple ACLs. 


Q47. Which statement about how the Cisco ASA supports SNMP is true? 

A. All SNMFV3 traffic on the inside interface will be denied by the global ACL 

B. The Cisco ASA and ASASM provide support for network monitoring using SNMP Versions 1,2c, and 3, but do not support the use of all three versions simultaneously. 

C. The Cisco ASA and ASASM have an SNMP agent that notifies designated management ,. stations if events occur that are predefined to require a notification, for example, when a link in the network goes up or down. 

D. SNMPv3 is enabled by default and SNMP v1 and 2c are disabled by default. 

E. SNMPv3 is more secure because it uses SSH as the transport mechanism. 



This can be verified by this ASDM screen shot: 

Q48. hich command is the first that you enter to check whether or not ASDM is installed on the ASA? 

A. Show ip 

B. Show running-config asdm 

C. Show running-config boot 

D. Show version 

E. Show route 


Q49. When a Cisco ASA is configured in multicontext mode, which command is used to change between contexts? 

A. changeto config context 

B. changeto context 

C. changeto/config context change 

D. changeto/config context 2 


Q50. Which option is the default logging buffer size In memory of the Cisco ASA adaptive security appliance? 

A. 8KB 

B. 32KB 

C. 2KB 

D. 16KB 

E. 4KB 


Explanation: eral_c onfig/ monitor_syslog.html