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New LPI 300-100 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 7 - Question 16)

Question No: 7

Which of the following statements is true about DNS in an Active Directory Domain?

A. When resolving DNS names all domain members must query the domain controllers or a server that serves the exact same zone content.

B. It is not possible to use secondary DNS servers in conjunction with an Active Directory domain.

C. DNS name resolution is not mandatory as long as a WINS server can be reached.

D. Only A and AAAA records contain important information regarding an Active Directory domain, no other record types are used.

Answer: A

Question No: 8

Which option for the pam_ldap module specifies a file from which the module's global settings can be read?

A. default

B. global

C. config

D. include

Answer: C

Question No: 9

What is true about the following share's access properties? (Choose TWO correct answers.) [projects]

path = /data/projects read only = no

admin users = timo, taki, @managers

A. @managers will be resolved as a Winbind group.

B. The timo and taki users can manipulate files regardless of the file system permissions.

C. @managers will be resolved as a Unix group.

D. @managers is a builtin default Samba group.

E. The "admin users" can be applied only to print shares.

Answer: BC

Question No: 10

When a Windows domain controller is used, which of the following is assigned a Windows Security Identifier? (Select THREE correct answers.)

A. Users

B. Servers

C. Groups

D. Departments

E. Companies

Answer: ABC

Question No: 11

Which command in the Samba suite will list the current connections?

A. nmbstatus

B. smbconnlist

C. smbsocklist

D. smbstatus

Answer: D

Question No: 12

Which parameter in smb.conf defines the directory containing secrets.tdb?

A. passdb dir

B. private dir

C. secrets dir

D. samba dir

Answer: B

Question No: 13

Which command in the Samba suite provides a means of manipulating NT Quotas on Samba file shares? (Specify only the command with no arguments or options)



Question No: 14

Microsoft file systems are not case sensitive on file names. Linux file systems are case sensitive to file names. Which of the following directives defines how Samba handles file name mapping in this situation?

A. name map

B. case map

C. case sensitive

D. case on

Answer: C

Question No: 15

When configuring an OpenLDAP server to act as a proxy to a Microsoft Active Directory server, what is the correct database type for this stanza of the slapd.conf file?

database ______

suffix "cn=users,dc=testcorp,dc=com" subordinate


uri "ldap: //" chase-referrals yes


LDAP, ldap

Question No: 16

The net _____ command is used to manage group mapping. (Specify only the sub command.)



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