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New LPI 300-100 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 1 - Question 10)

New Questions 1

CIFS relies upon which port for direct hosting without requiring NetBIOS?

A. 139

B. 443

C. 137

D. 445

Answer: D

New Questions 2

The ___ command, included with OpenLDAP, will generate password hashes suitable for use in slapd.conf. (Enter the command with no options or parameters)



New Questions 3

An anonymous user had her access denied while she was trying to access a Samba share using the smbclient command. Assuming that it is necessary for anonymous users to access that share, what must be configured (in the Samba configuration file) to allow access? Please specify the full directive and value.


guest ok = yes, guest ok=yes, guest ok= yes, guest ok =yes, guest ok = 1, guest ok=1, guest ok =1, guest ok= 1, guest ok = true, guest ok=true, guest ok= true, guest ok =true

New Questions 4

Which command would create a machine account in Active Directory under the Computers/BusinessUnit/Department/Servers organizational unit?

A. net rpc join -m localhost --ldap=" Computers/BusinessUnit/Department/Servers"

B. rpcclient -c "join Computers/BusinessUnit/Department/Servers"

C. net ads join ou="Computers/BusinessUnit/Department/Servers"

D. net ads join createcomputer="Computers/BusinessUnit/Department/Servers"

Answer: D

New Questions 5

Which port must be open in a firewall to allow access to the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) server running on the standard port?



New Questions 6

Which of the following are true for CIFS? (Choose TWO correct answers.)

A. Filenames can be in any character set.

B. Filenames can have a maximum length of 127 characters.

C. Unlike SMB, CIFS is not optimized for slow network connections.

D. Opportunistic Locks are supported.

Answer: AD

New Questions 7

Which commands can be used to terminate all running instances of smbd?

A. smbcontrol smbd shutdown

B. smbcontrol nmbd shutdown

C. smbcontrol shutdown

D. smbcontrol samba shutdown

Answer: A

New Questions 8

Which option to mount.cifs specifies a file that contains the user name, password and domain that should be used for authentication against the server during the mount? (Specify only the option without any values or parameters)



New Questions 9

Which of the following statements are true regarding NetBIOS names? (Select TWO correct answers.)

A. NETBIOS names can use only alphanumeric characters.

B. You can use a '.' in a NETBIOS name.

C. You can use an '_' (underscore) in a NETBIOS name.

D. NETBIOS names must be UPPERCASE

E. NETBIOS names can be a maximum of 32 characters

Answer: BC

New Questions 10

To properly configure a Samba server to be a Primary Domain Controller (PDC), what configuration option must be set to yes?

A. domain master

B. log level

C. local master

D. local logon

Answer: A

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