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An IP phone that is connected through a Cisco Catalyst 3750 Series Switch is failing to register with the subscriber as ABackup server. When the user presses the settings button on the phone, only the Cisco Unified Communications Manager publisher shows as registered. What is the most likely cause for this issue?

  • A. The phone does not have the correct Cisco Unified Communications Manager group in the device configuration page.
  • B. The Cisco Unified Communications Manager group that is applied through the device pool is misconfigured.
  • C. The ip-helper address commanDFor the subscriber is not configured on the switch port.
  • D. The subscriber does not have the correct device pool configured.
  • E. The enterprise phone configuration does not have the call control redundancy enabled.

Answer: B


Refer to topology and Exhibits below:
300-080 dumps exhibit
300-080 dumps exhibit
300-080 dumps exhibit
300-080 dumps exhibit
What is the reason that this MGCP gateway is not registered with Cisco Unified Communications Manager?

  • A. The primary server address is incorrect.
  • B. The MGCP domain name is incorrect on either the Cisco Unified Communications Manager or the router.
  • C. Backhaul/Redundant link port is incorrect
  • D. This MGCP gateway is not down; it is operational.

Answer: B


A user gets the following error on the IP phone: [205]-User Profile Absent
What could be the probable cause?

  • A. The user profile is missing.
  • B. The device profile is not attached to the user.
  • C. The Enable Extension Mobility option is not enabled in the phone configuration window.
  • D. User ID and password are incorrectly entered on the phone.
  • E. User is assigned to another phone.
  • F. User is logged on to another phone.

Answer: B


An engineer encounters an issue where ACustomer wants to enable multiple Cisco Telepresence conference bridges, but can enable only one. Which option is the cause of this issue?

  • A. No valid release key is installed on the TS Conductor.
  • B. TS Conductor can support only one conference bridge.
  • C. Conference bridge in Cisco Unified Communications Manager under Diagnostics > Conference Bridge is not enabled.
  • D. All conference bridges are not added in media resources under MRG in Cisco Unified Communications Manager.

Answer: D


When a remote endpoint dials in to join a Conference that is configured on a Cisco TelePresence Server bridge, the endpoint receives only audio. Other users can successfully join the call with Voice and Video. What is causing this issue?

  • A. The endpoint does not have the multisite option installed.
  • B. The endpoint does not have the partition of the bridge in its CSS.
  • C. The bridge is out of all licenses.
  • D. The endpoint is assigned a region without enough configured bandwidth for video.
  • E. The bridge is not able to host video calls.

Answer: D


How does an IP Phone react upon initialization, if there is no CTL and ITL files present on the device?

  • A. The phone downloads only the files that are signed to that device.
  • B. The phone blindly trusts the next series of downloadeDFiles.
  • C. The file matches the signature against the files on TFTP.
  • D. The phone displays the message, Unprovisioned.

Answer: D


Which command is used to check if an MGCP gateway is currently registered with Cisco CallManager?

  • A. Router# show ccm-manager gateway
  • B. Router# show mgcp ccm-manager
  • C. Router# show ccm-manager
  • D. Router# show ccm manager

Answer: C


You need to increase the maximum number of Meet-Me conference participants on Cisco Unified Communications Manager. Where do you configure this increase?

  • A. System > Service Parameters > [Publisher Server] > Cisco CallManager (Active) > Clusterwide Parameters (Feature – Conference)
  • B. Call Routing > Meet-Me Number/Pattern
  • C. Media Resources > Conference Bridge
  • D. Media Resources > Media Resource Group
  • E. Device > Conference Bridge

Answer: A


Refer to the exhibit.
300-080 dumps exhibit
An engineer configured CCD between a Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) cluster and Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express (CME). When the CUCM agents try to dial ACME extension on the range 7XXX, they receive ABusy signal as soon as the 7 is dialed. What can be done to resolve this issue?

  • A. Set the CUCM CCD Requesting Service PSTN prefix to 9 instead of\+
  • B. Set the CME profile dn-block type to extension instead of global
  • C. Set the CUCM Hosted DN Pattern PSTN Failover Strip Digits field to 1 instead of 0
  • D. Set the CME subscribe callcontrol to instance instead of wildcarded

Answer: A


You have an endpoint registration problem with VCS, and the event log reason of “unknown domain”. The domain names that your endpoints are using to register with must be added to this list. Where do you check the list of defined domains?

  • A. VCS configuration > Domains > SIP
  • B. VCS configuration > Protocols > SCCP > Domains
  • C. VCS Domains > Protocols > SIP
  • D. VCS configuration > Protocols > SIP > Domains

Answer: D

Reference: vcs_endpoint_registration_problems_kb_460.html


A user takes an IP phone from one office to another and just called you to inform that the phone does not work in the new location. Which three things should you check to resolve the issue? (Choose three)

  • A. Make sure that the device mobility information contains the correct IP subnet information.
  • B. Make sure that physical locations are properly assigned under device pools.
  • C. Recreate the phone under a new cluster.
  • D. Make sure that the device pool is assigned to a device mobility group.
  • E. Reconfigure the remote destination profile.
  • F. Check whether the phone is registered under a different MAC address.
  • G. Check the local DHCP information for possible clues.

Answer: ABG


In Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM), you have three Service Advertisement Framework (SAF) forwarders configured, what happens when the primary and the backup SAF forwarders fail?

  • A. You will need to designate another primary SAF forwarder.
  • B. CUCM continues to work without connecting to the third SAF forwarder.
  • C. The third SAF forwarder automatically becomes the primary SAF forwarder.
  • D. CUCM tries to reconfigure the existing primary and backup SAF forwarders.
  • E. TCP timer continues to initiate connection with the primary and backup SAF forwarders.
  • F. Primary and backup SAF forwarders are re-initated automatically.

Answer: B


When parsing trace output after the call routing decision and path selection have been made, which two records can be found in the CCM|RouteList? (Choose two.)

  • A. PretransfromDigitString
  • B. CallingPartyNumber
  • C. PretransformCallingPartyNumber
  • D. RouteListName
  • E. findLocalDevice
  • F. RouteListCdrc :

Answer: DF


An engineer is analyzing an issue about system connection under Cisco TMS connection, where endpoints handled by TMS automatically change from reachable on LAN to behind the firewall status. Which protocol does the network engineer need to troubleshoot the network between managed device Cisco TMS?

  • A. SDP
  • B. XMPP
  • C. FTP
  • D. HTTP

Answer: D


An end user at a remote site is trying to initiate an Ad Hoc conference call to an end user at the main site. The conference bridge is configured to support G.711. Remote user's phone only supports G.729. The remote end user receives an error message on the phone: "Cannot Complete Conference Call." What is one cause of the issue?

  • A. The remote phone does not have the conference feature assigned.
  • B. A software conference bridge is not assigned.
  • C. A Media Termination Point is missing.
  • D. The transcoder resource is missing.

Answer: D


A network administrator is troubleshooting a support ticket with ID33118456 regarding video bandwidth issues. On a Cisco TelePresence VCS, the administrator can configure bandwidth control for which two VCS configuration options? (Choose two)

  • A. links and pipes
  • B. subzones
  • C. CPL
  • D. Bandwidth restrictions can be configured only on endpoints.
  • E. zones

Answer: AB


You configured a Cisco ISR G2 as a SIP gateway, but the gateway does not show that it is registered with Cisco Unified Communications Manager. What is causing this issue?

  • A. Cisco Unified Communications Manager does not support SIP gateways.
  • B. The gateway does not have the UC license installed.
  • C. The gateway does not have Cisco Unified Border Element session licensing.
  • D. Cisco Unified Communications Manager does not show a SIP gateway as registered if it is not properly configured.
  • E. Cisco Unified Communications Manager never shows a SIP gateway as registereDEven when it is properly configured.
  • F. The Cisco ISR G2 cannot be a SIP gateway.

Answer: E


You recently configured a system for B2B SIP URI calls, and users confirmed that they could make calls. You are receiving multiple reports that inbound calls are failing and that users are not receiving calls to their URI. You confirm that all zones between expressways are active, and the trunk between Cisco Unified Communications Manager and Cisco VCS Expressway is active. You also see that the inbound call is sent from Cisco VCS Expressway C to Cisco Unified Communications Manager. Why are the calls failing?

  • A. The Cisco Unified Communications Manager FQDN was not set.
  • B. The cluster FQDN was not set in Enterprise Parameters.
  • C. The certificate is not valid.
  • D. The cluster FQDN was not set in Service Parameters.
  • E. The FQDN was not registered in DNS.

Answer: B


You observe that EMCC restriction on the cluster fails when a user with a different profile logs in to another cluster. Which action can you take to correct the problem?

  • A. Enable logical partitioning.
  • B. Set SIP session timers to 0.
  • C. Set SIP session timers to 3800.
  • D. Configure the regions in Cisco Unified Communications Manager to allow EMCC.

Answer: D


An endpoint cannot connect to a valid TFTP server during the registration process. Which two statements describe possible causes? (Choose two.)

  • A. The DHCP configuration contains TFTP server 66, but no DNS server is available.
  • B. The DHCP configuration contains TFTP server 150, but no DNS server is available.
  • C. No separate voice VLAN configuration on the switch port connected to the endpoint.
  • D. Cisco Unified Communications Manager CallManager services are not started.
  • E. Cisco Unified Communications Manager TFTP services are not started.

Answer: DE


After you deploy cisco Unified communications Manager Device Mobility across a VPN connection with Cisco Unified IP phones, users in remote locations report one-way audio issues. Which two actions can you take to locate the problem? (Choose two.)

  • A. Verify that DMI is configured with the correct IP subnets.
  • B. Verify that the Cisco IOS devices on the VPN support audio connections.
  • C. Verify that the VLANs at remote locations are configured correctly.
  • D. Verify that users at the remote locations are connecting to the closest enterprise VPN concentrator.
  • E. Verify that the firewall is allowing RTP traffic flow.

Answer: BE


Refer to topology and Exhibits below:
300-080 dumps exhibit
300-080 dumps exhibit
300-080 dumps exhibit
300-080 dumps exhibit
Which command can be used to obtain the status of an MGCP gateway from the IOS device, as shown in the given output?

  • A. show mgcp registration
  • B. show mgcp-gw
  • C. show mgcp connection
  • D. show ccm-manager

Answer: D


Which configuration can be dynamically set using the Cisco Unified Communications Manager Device Mobility feature?

  • A. phone model and protocol
  • B. SRST reference and directory number
  • C. CSS and local gateway
  • D. partition and CSS
  • E. media resources and permanent bridges

Answer: C


Refer to the exhibit.
300-080 dumps exhibit
a Cisco Unified Communications Manager engineer configured CCD in two clusters. The patterns were successfully learned, however, the call attempt from the cluster 1 agent to the cluster 2 agent fails. Based on the output of this cluster 1 trace, what is the root cause of the issue?

  • A. The CCD partition is missing from the CCD Requesting Service configuration
  • B. The CSS is missing from the phones and line configuration
  • C. The Activated Feature check in the CCD Requesting Service configuration is missing
  • D. The pattern that was dialed has been added to the Blocked Learned Pattern configuration

Answer: B


In a single-site deployment model, the internal endpoints are unable to dial from one to the other. What are two possible causes? (Choose two.)

  • A. The PSTN gateway is not configured.
  • B. The calleDEndpoint does not have the SIP trunk enabled.
  • C. The calleDEndpoint is not registered.
  • D. The calling endpoint is not in the CSS of the calleDEndpoint.
  • E. The calleDEndpoint is not in the partition of the calling endpoint.
  • F. The calling endpoint is not configureDFor the correct CoS.

Answer: CF


Which Cisco TelePresence Management Suite feature provides proactive suggestions for resolving error conditions and also provides ACentralized view of all statuses and configuration errors for managed devices?

  • A. Cisco WebEx in Cisco TelePresence Management Suite
  • B. Cisco TelePresence scheduling
  • C. graphical monitoring
  • D. ticketing service
  • E. audit logging

Answer: D


When a database replication issue is suspected, which three tools can be used to check the database replication status? (Choose three.)

  • A. Cisco Unified Communications Manager RTMT tool
  • B. Cisco Unified Communications Manager Serviceability interface
  • C. Cisco Unified Reporting
  • D. Cisco Unified Communications Manager CLI interface
  • E. Cisco IP Phone Device Stats from the Settings button
  • F. Cisco Unified OS Administration interface

Answer: ACD


An engineer notices that some SCCP phones are not displaying the correct time, but the phones are registered and working property. Which three options should be performed in Cisco Unified Communications Manager to fix the phone time issue' (Choose three.)

  • A. Verify that the device pool has the coned Date/Time Group configured.
  • B. Ensure that the phone on time field on the phone configuration page is chosen.
  • C. Check the CUCM OS Admin page to ensure that NTP servers are accessible.
  • D. Verify that the Date/Time Group has the correct phone NTP reference configured.
  • E. Check the phone NTP Reference configuration for configured server.
  • F. Verify that the Date/Time group has the correct time zone configured.

Answer: ADF


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