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Q81. What is the standard Layer 3 DSCP media packet value that should be set for Cisco TelePresence endpoints? 

A. CS3 (24) 

B. EF (46) 

C. AF41 (34) 

D. CS4 (32) 


Q82. Which three options are supplementary services that are affected by MTP? (Choose three.) 

A. Call Hold 

B. Call Transfer 

C. Call Park 

D. Call Pickup 

E. Speed Dial 

F. Call Back 

Answer: A,B,C 

Q83. When an incoming PSTN call arrives at an MGCP gateway, how does the calling number get normalized to a global E.164 number with the + prefix in Cisco Unified Communications Manager? 

A. Normalization is done using translation patterns. 

B. Normalization is done using route patterns. 

C. Normalization is done using the gateway incoming called party prefixes based on number type. 

D. Normalization is done using the gateway incoming calling party prefixes based on number type. 

E. Normalization is achieved by local route group that is assigned to the MGCP gateway. 



Incorrect Answer: A, B, C, E Configuring calling party normalization alleviates issues with toll bypass where the call is routed to multiple locations over the IP WAN. In addition, it allows Cisco Unified Communications Manager to distinguish the origin of the call to globalize or localize the calling party number for the phone user. Link: 

Q84. When you configure regions in a Cisco Unified Communications Manager multisite cluster, which two are ways to prevent G.722 from being advertised in the cluster? (Choose two.) 

A. modify the service parameter 

B. modify the enterprise parameter 

C. modify the device pool 

D. modify the line settings 

Answer: A,B 

Q85. Company X has three locations connected via a low bandwidth WAN. Which two configurations are required in the Cisco Unified Communications Manager regions to provide the most suitable use of bandwidth while preserving the call quality? (Choose two.) 

A. g729 codec for intraregion calling 

B. g722/g711 codec for interregion calling 

C. g729 codec for interregion calling 

D. g722/g711 for intraregion calling 

E. g729 codec for all calling 

F. g722/g711 codec for all calling 

Answer: C,D 

Q86. Refer to the following exhibit. 

Which Cisco IOS SAF Forwarder configuration is correct? 

A. Exhibit A 

B. Exhibit B 

C. Exhibit C 

D. Exhibit D 



Incorrect Answer: B, C, D Summary steps to configure IOS SAF forwarder is given below 

1. enable 

2. configure terminal 

3. router eigrp virtual-instance-name 

4. service-family {ipv4 | ipv6} [vrf vrf-name] autonomous-system autonomous-system-number 

5. topology base 

6. external-client client_label 

7. exit-sf-topology 

8. exit-service-family

9. exit

10. service-family external-client listen {ipv4 | ipv6} tcp_port_number

11. external-client client-label

12. username user-name

13. password password-name 


Q87. Video calls using 384 kbps need to be supported across a gatekeeper-controlled trunk. What value should be entered into the gatekeeper to support this bandwidth? 

A. 768 kbps 

B. 384 kbps 

C. 512 kbps 

D. 192 kbps 



Incorrect Answer: A, C, D A 384-kb/s video call may comprise G.711 at 64 kb/s (for audio) plus 320 kb/s (for video). This sum does not include overhead. If the audio codec for a video call is G.729 (at 24 kb/s), the video rate increases to maintain a total bandwidth of 384 kb/s. Link: 

Q88. Cisco Unified Communications Manager is configured with CAC for a maximum of 10 voice calls. 

Which action routes the 11th call through the PSTN? 

A. Configure an SIP trunk to the ISR. 

B. Configure Cisco Unified Communications Manager AAR. 

C. Configure Cisco Unified Communications Manager RSVP-enabled locations. 

D. Configure Cisco Unified Communications Manager locations. 


Q89. The VCS Expressway can be configured with security controls to safeguard external calls and endpoints. One such option is the control of trusted endpoints via a whitelist. Where is this option enabled? 

A. on the voice-enabled firewall at the edge of the network 

B. on the VCS under Configuration > registration > configuration 

C. on the TMS server under Registrations > whitelist 

D. on the VCS under System > configuration > Registrations 


Q90. When using Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express in SRST mode, how many multicast music on hold streams can be utilized by the system at any given time? 

A. 3 

B. 6 

C. 2 

D. 4 

E. 1 

F. 5