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New Cisco 300-075 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 8 - Question 17)

Q1. An engineer is configuring Global Dial Plan Replication. On one cluster, she would like to prevent the local cluster from routing calls to a specific pattern learned via ILS What should be configured within the local CUCM cluster to accomplish this?

A. Create a block transformation pattern.

B. Create a block route pattern.

C. Create a block translation pattern.

D. Create a block learned pattern.

Answer: C

Q2. Which three configuration settings are included in a default region configuration? (Choose three.)

A. Immersive Bandwidth

B. Video Call Bandwidth

C. Audio Codec

D. Link Loss Type

E. Real Time Protocol

F. Location Description

Answer: B,C,D

Explanation: Reference:

Q3. Company X has a primary and a backup Cisco Unified Communications Manager instance.

The administrator had to do maintenance on the primary node and did a shutdown, which resulted in a failover to the backup node. What happens when the primary node comes back online?

A. The primary node becomes the backup node.

B. Endpoints detect that the primary is back and reregisters automatically.

C. The backup node must be shut down first to allow the endpoints to realize that the primary node is online again.

D. Nothing, the endpoints only failover when the node they lose connection to their registered node.

Answer: B

Q4. The Cisco Unified Communications system of a company has five types of devices:

u2022Cisco Jabber Desktop





Which two types of devices are affected when an engineer changes the DSCP for TelePresence

Calls service parameter? (Choose two.)

A. a Cisco Jabber Desktop

B. DX-650

C. CP-7965

D. MX-200

E. EX-60

Answer: D,E

Q5. Which two statements regarding the Cisco VCS search and transformation process are true? (Choose two.)

A. The Cisco VCS applies the search rules in priority order (all rules with priority 255 are processed first, then rules with priority 254, and so on).

B. Transforms do not use priority numbers.

C. Presearch transforms are applied before call policy is configured and before user policy is applied.

D. Presearch transforms are applied after call policy is configured but before user policy is applied.

E. The Cisco VCS applies the search rules in priority order (all rules with priority 1 are processed first, then priority 2, and so on).

F. You cannot set up search rules according to the protocol SIP or H.323.

Answer: C,E

Q6. Refer to the exhibit. An engineer is settings up a new deployment and wants to use the Cisco VCS Control as a gateway for SIP and H.323 endpoints. Which Cisco VCS configuration step must be performed to allow onset and offset calling?

A. Set the H.323mode On

B. Set the IP mode On.

C. Set the Gatekeeper Auto Discover mode On

D. Set the Interworking mode On.

Answer: B

Q7. Which code snippet is required for SAF to be initialized?

A. Service Family

B. External-Client

C. router eigrp

D. topology base

Answer: C

Q8. Which field must be populated to assign a default directory URI partition in Communication Manager?

A. Directory URI Alias Partition

B. Alias URI Directory Partition

C. Alias URI Partition

D. Directory URI Partition

Answer: A

Q9. To which subzone can you apply bandwidth limitations?

A. default, traversal, and all manually configured subzones

B. manually configured subzones

C. cluster

D. default

Answer: A

Q10. You need to verify if the Media Gateway Control Protocol gateway is enabled and active. Which command should you use for this purpose?

A. show running-config

B. show fallback-mgcp

C. show gateway

D. show ccm-manager fallback-mgcp

E. show running-config gateway

F. show fallback-mgcp ccm-manager

Answer: D

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