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Q1. Refer to the exhibit. 

ABC Company uses the digit 9 to get a dial tone and type a DN. A user needs totype 8811202 and automatically send the call to a cellphone. The Network Administrator did thisconfiguration, but it is not working. 

Which two actions can the Administrator take to solve thisproblem? (Choose two) 

A. In the Translation Pattern option, delete the digit "8". 

B. In the Translation Pattern option, delete the digit "9". 

C. In the Route Option option, select Block this Pattern. 

D. In the Called Party Transform Mask option, prefix the digit "9". 

Answer: B,D 

Q2. Which three CLI commands allow you to verify the correct VoIP dial-peer matching? (Choose three.) 

A. debug ccsip messages 

B. debug voip ccapi inout 

C. debug dialpeer match 

D. debug voip dialpeer inout 

E. show dialplan number 

Answer: B,D,E 

Q3. Refer to the exhibit. 

A Network Administrator needs to create a SIP route pattern to communicate with Monterrey's Gateway. 

The Administrator does not understand why this is not working properly. Which two statementsexplain the issue and resolve the problem?(Choose two.) 

A. The issue is caused by a failure of communication between the Monterrey's Gateway and CUCM. 

B. The Administrator should type the reload command into Monterrey's Gateway. 

C. The issue is caused by incorrect protocol integration between Monterrey's Gateway and CUCM. 

D. The Administrator needs to set up a SIP trunk between Monterrey's Gateway and CUCM. 

Answer: C,D 

Q4. If no SIP dial rules are configured on an IP phone, at which three points in the collection of digits does a Type A SIP phone send digits to the Cisco Unified Communications 

Manager? (Choose three.) 

A. when the interdigit timer expires 

B. when the collected digits match a SIP dial rule 

C. when the user presses the Dial softkey 

D. as each digit is collected (it is sent for analysis) 

E. when the user presses the # key 

Answer: A,C,E 

Q5. Which two codecs are the best codecs to use in WAN and LAN? (Choose two.) 

A. WAN codec G.711 

B. LAN codec G.729 

C. WAN codec G.729 

D. LAN codec G.711 

Answer: C,D 

Q6. If the route patterns 5XXX, 51XX, 513X, and 5134 exist within a call route database, which pattern would be matched if the dialed number was 5124? 

A. 5XXX 

B. 51XX 

C. 513X 

D. 5134 


Q7. What is the maximum number of 1080p30 HD Conference Participants if an MSE 8000 has fourMSE8710 blades clustered? 

A. 48. 

B. 180 

C. 720 

D. 800 


Explanation: Reference: 

Page 389 


Q8. Which type of IOS Conference bridge requires all users to use the same video format in order to participate in a video conference? 

A. Ad Hoc Conferencing 

B. Homogenous Conferencing 

C. HeterogeneousConferencing 

D. Guaranteed Audio Video Conferencing 

E. Meet-Me Conferencing 



A homogenous conference refers to one in which participants connect to the ISR G2 with devices that support the same video format attributes (for example, the same codec, resolution, frame rate, and bit rate). 

Q9. What is the maximum number of I080p30 HD Conference Participants if an MSE 8000 has four MSE8710 blades clustered? 

A. 48 

B. 180 

C. 720 

D. 800 


Q10. Which command is used to enter the DSP farm profile configuration mode? 

A. dspfarm-profile 100 transcode 

B. dspfarmprofile 100 transcode 

C. dspfarm profile 100 transcode 

D. dspfarm 100 profile transcode