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Q61. At a minimum, which three Datastore permissions must be added to a vCenter Server role to work with View Composer? (Choose three.)

A. Allocate Space

B. Update Virtual Machine Files

C. Browse Datastore

D. Low Level File Operations

E. Remove File

Answer: A,C,D

Q62. An administrator is planning a Floating Linked-Clone desktop pool using local solid state drives. A stateless configuration is suitable for this group of users.

Local solid state drive capacity is limited. The administrator plans to use the storagetiringcapabilities of View Composer to place the Linked-Clones on shared storage and place only the Replica on local disk.

Why will the administrator be prevented from using this configuration?

A. Storagetiringis supported only when using Full Clone desktops.

B. Replica and Linked-Clone disks must reside on the same datastore when using local disks.

C. Replica disks must always reside on shared storage for Linked-Clone pools.

D. Storagetiringis supported only for Dedicated Assignment Linked-Clone desktops.

Answer: B

Q63. An administrator enables the Block Storage Volume option in order to prevent a storage volume from reaching full capacity.

Which two statements describe the volume's functionality once this option is enabled? (Choose two.)

A. New Centralized Virtual Desktops (CVDs) will not be able to be centralized to the volume.

B. New base layers will be able to be centralized to the volume.

C. Existing Centralized Virtual Desktops (CVDs) and base layers will continue to function as expected.

D. Existing base layers on the volume will not be able to be moved to other volumes.

Answer: A,C

Q64. Users at a branch office are experiencing poor virtual desktop performance. The branch office has ten users and a 2Mbps link to the datacenter.

Some of the users frequently access video content, but the performance issues began occurring after a recent Group Policy Object (GPO) change. The performance issues

do not occur when the same users connect from the main office, which has a 10Mbps link to the data center.

Which PCoIP GPO change is most likely the cause of the performance issues?

A. Turn off Build-to-Lossless = Enabled

B. PCoIP session audio bandwidth limit = 100kbps

C. PCoIP client image cache size = 260MB

D. Maximum PCoIP session bandwidth = 4Mbps

Answer: D

Q65. A desktop environment is configured to provision on demand. Users report that login is taking longer than expected when they sign in. The administrator determines that significant I/O is being generated each morning when users are logging in.

What should the administrator do to resolve the issue?

A. Deploy a replica View Composer server to load balance provisioning operations.

B. Increase the minimum number of desktops in the pool.

C. Edit the pool settings so that desktops refresh on logoff.

D. Enable SE Sparse disk to reduce initial provisioning time.

Answer: B

Q66. An administrator needs to set up SSL certificates that are signed by a third-party Certificate Authority for the View Connection and security servers.

Which two configuration steps must the administrator complete? (Choose two.)

A. Modify the certificate friendly name to vdm.

B. Run the sviconfig ReplaceCertificate utility to bind the new certificate.

C. Modify the certificate friendly name to view.

D. Import the SSL certificate into the Windows local system certificate store on the View servers.

Answer: A,D