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2017 Mar 2V0-651 exam

Q1. An administrator is building a new View parent image to boot the operating system (OS) from an .ISO file that is loaded with the virtual machine's CD-ROM. When the virtual machine boots, the .ISO does not load and instead, attempts a PXE boot.

What should the administrator verify the CD-ROM is set to in order to correct this issue?

A. is set to Emulate IDE.

B. is set to Connect at Power On.

C. is set to Device Type - Client Device.

D. is set to Device Type - Host Device.

Answer: B

Q2. An administrator identifies PCoIP packet fragmentation on the network. The following items have been discovered:

✑ Network Path Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) is 1200

✑ PCoIP Traffic has Quality of Service (QoS)

What should the administrator do?

A. Set router buffers to tail drop.

B. Set router buffers to Weighted Random Early Detection (WRED).

C. Set PCoIP MTU to 1500

D. Set PCoIP MTU to 1100

Answer: D

Q3. An administrator is deploying a pool of virtual desktops and receives the following message when testing a desktop connectionfrom a View Client machine:

The Desktop Currently Has No Desktop Sources Available. The administrator has confirmed that:

✑ The desktops are built and are visible in the View Administrator console.

✑ The desktops display a Agent Unreachable status in the View Administrator.

After logging in to the vCenter Server, what should the administrator ensure to troubleshoot the issue?

A. The virtual desktops are powered on.

B. There are no Memory reservations.

C. There are no CPU reservations.

D. The View Composer service is running.

Answer: A

Q4. An administrator is creating a new Floating Assignment Linked-Clone pool. The pool will contain approximately 30 virtual machines based on a parent virtual machine with a 12GB disk and 100GB datastore.

What is the lowest Storage Overcommit Level that will support this pool?

A. None

B. Conservative

C. Moderate

D. Aggressive

Answer: B

Q5. In addition to the default user attributes, which specific Active Directory attribute is required for integrating View with Workspace Portal?

A. User Distinguished Name

B. SAMAccountName

C. SAMAccountType

D. User Principal Name

Answer: D

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Q6. An administrator is configuring a Group Policy Object (GPO) for an Organizational Unit (OU) that contains virtual Windows 7 desktops. The administrator needs several user settings to apply only to users accessing desktops in this OU.

After configuring the GPO, the administrator notices that the group policy user settings are not being applied.

Why are the user settings not being applied?

A. The Loopback processing GPO setting was not enabled on the Computers OU.

B. The OU does not contain both User and Computer objects.

C. The Windows 7 desktops were not restarted after GPO was configured.

D. The user settings must also be applied to the default Users OU.

Answer: A

Q7. An administrator creates a Windows 7 parent virtual machine for a linked-clone pool but finds that some of the virtual machines fail to customize. The administrator has confirmed that the View Agent is installed with the correct components. The virtual machines are configured with the following hardware specifications:

✑ 1 vCPU



✑ 64MB Video RAM

What is causing the problem?

A. The Receive Side Scaling (RSS) setting for the VMXNET3 driver is set to 2.

B. Parent virtual machines for a linked-clone pool require a minimum of 2 vCPUs.

C. The parent virtual machine does not have enough video RAM configured.

D. The Microsoft Windows 7 patch for the VMXNET3 driver has not been installed.

Answer: D

Q8. An administrator needs to increase the number of desktop resources in a dedicated assignment manual pool. This pool is made of unmanaged virtual machines.

What should the administrator do?

A. Create additional virtual machines and add them to the pool as desktop sources.

B. Edit the pool settings to increase the minimum number of desktops.

C. Change the vCenter Server settings in the pool to Provision on demand.

D. Increase the number of available replica virtual machines in View Composer.

Answer: A

Q9. Users report poor performance over a wide area network. Ten users share a 5Mbps link for this site. The administrator suspects a PCoIP configuration issue and locates the following PCoIP configuration settings:

✑ Turn off Build-to-Lossless feature = Enabled

✑ PCoIP Session Bandwidth Floor = 1000

✑ Maximum Frame Rate = 24

✑ PCoIP Client Image Cache Size Policy = 250

Which setting is likely causing the performance issue?

A. Turn off Build-to-Lossless feature = Enabled

B. PCoIP Session Bandwidth Floor = 1000

C. Maximum Frame Rate = 24

D. PCoIP Client Image Cache Size Policy = 250

Answer: B

Q10. An administrator is creating a full clone desktop pool for 150 users. All of the desktops  will be accessed at 9:00 a.m. on weekdays. The administrator needs to minimize the effect on storage performance during simultaneous desktop logins.

What step can the administrator take to help meet the requirement?

A. Enable View Storage Accelerator

B. Enable Space Efficient Sparse Disks (SEsparse)

C. Redirect disposable files to a non-persistent disk

D. Select a separate datastore for the replica and OS disks

Answer: A