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Q11. The URL for a vRealize Automation server has changed, prompting the need to update Application Services registration. This is done using what process? 

A. Re-deploying the ApplicationServices appliance and following the deployment prompts. 

B. Changing the registration information for Application Services on the vRealize Automation server. 

C. Changing the registration information using the Application Services Remote CLI. 

D. Changing the registration information using a vSphere or vCloud VMRC console connected to the Application Services virtual machine. 


Q12. Which step should an administrator take to avoid conflict on a subnet between vRealize Automation Network Profiles and existing workloads? 

A. Enable DHCP on the Network Profile. 

B. Upload a CSV file with the existing IP addresses and host names to the Network Profile. 

C. Manually mark IP addresses as used. 

D. Enable the Shared Network flag in the Network Profile. 


Q13. Which three are required components for a vRealize Business Standard installation? (Choose three.) 

A. VMware identity appliance 

B. vRealize Automation appliance 

C. VRealize Business Standard Appliance 

D. vRealize Automation IaaS component 

E. vRealize Operations Manager appliance 

Answer: A,B,C 

Q14. What role does a user need in order to request and manage machines on behalf of other users? 

A. Fabric Group Manager 

B. Tenant Administrator 

C. IaaS Administrator 

D. Support User 


Q15. A user requests that an approval policy be changed. The administrator tries to edit the approval policy and fails to find a way to edit the policy when logged in with the System Administrator role. 

What is a likely cause of this situation? 

A. Once an approval policy is placed in Active state, it cannot be edited by any user. 

B. Once an approval policy is placed in Active state, it can only be edited by an approval admin. 

C. Once an approval policy is placed in Active state, it can only be edited by a tenant admin. 

D. Once an approval policy is placed in Active state, it can only be edited by administrator@vsphere.local admin. 


Renew 2V0-631 exam question:

Q16. Refer to the Exhibit. 

The system administrator is required to configure a User Search Base DN for users who reside in the Users OU shown in the exhibit. 

Which Base DN meets the stated requirements? 

A. OU=Users,OU=VMware,dc=vmware,dc=local 

B. OU=Users,OU=VMware,dc=vmware.local 

C. CN=Users,OU=VMware,dc=vmware,dc=local 

D. dc=vmware,dc=local,OU=VMware,OU=Users 


Q17. Which three are valid components of a Service Blueprint? (Choose three.) 

A. input parameters 

B. custom resource 

C. provisioning 

D. submission forms 

E. approval policy 

Answer: A,C,D 

Q18. Refer to the Exhibit. 

A manager in the administration group cannot access a new application blueprint named Multi-TieredLampStack. Access should be restricted to applications used by the administration group. 

An administrator examines the information shown in the exhibit. What should be done to grant access? 

A. Publish the application blueprint. 

B. Add a new application version and grant permissions to the administration group. 

C. In the application, set Sharing to Shared. 

D. Add the administrator to the Rainpole Developers group. 


Q19. An administrator powers on a vRealize Automation Multi-Machine Service that includes Machine A and Machine B. The application on Machine A does not start correctly and displays the following error message: 

Machine B not ready 

What step should be taken to resolve this issue? 

A. Change the startup order of the Multi-Machine Service. 

B. Create a startup dependency in the Multi-Machine Service. 

C. Define a startup delay in the Multi-Machine Service. 

D. Adjust the startup approvals for the Multi-Machine Service. 


Q20. Which three roles have the permission to define new catalog items and publish them to the service catalog? (Choose three.) 

A. Service Architect 

B. Tenant Administrator 

C. Support User 

D. Business Group Manager 

E. IaaS Administrator 

Answer: A,B,D