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What are two requirements in order to restore a Resource Pool Tree from a snapshot? (Choose two.)

  • A. A restore can only be performed on the same cluster the snapshot was taken from.
  • B. vSphere DRS must be turned on.
  • C. vSphere DRS must be turned off.
  • D. A restore can only be performed on a vSphere DRS cluster within the original vCenter Server.

Answer: AD

A vSphere HA cluster with four hosts has admission control configured to tolerate one host failure. Which statement is true if a fifth host is added?

  • A. CPU and Memory capacity will be set to 25%.
  • B. CPU and Memory capacity will be set to 50%.
  • C. CPU and Memory capacity will be set to 20%.
  • D. CPU and Memory capacity will be set to 30%.

Answer: C

Explanation: Select the Percentage of Cluster Resources Reserved admission control policy. This policy offers the most flexibility in terms of host and virtual machine sizing. When configuring this policy, choose a percentage for CPU and memory that reflects the number of host failures you want to support. For example, if you want vSphere HA to set aside resources for two host failures and have ten hosts of equal capacity in the cluster, then specify 20%

A scripted upgrade of ESXi fails due to an incorrect parameter in the upgrade script. What file must the administrator modify to correct the problem?

  • A. boot.cfg
  • B.
  • C. ks.cfg
  • D.

Answer: A

An administrator has recently upgraded from vSphere 6.0 to 6.5, and can no longer see the software iSCSI named vmhba33.
Which could be the reason for this?

  • A. The upgrade has changed the vmhba name.
  • B. vSphere 6.5 automates iSCSI configurations.
  • C. vSphere 6.5 no longer supports software iSCSI.
  • D. The upgrade has deleted the vmhba.

Answer: A

An administrator wants to create and use a vApp.
Which pre-requisite must be met before the administrator can create a vApp?

  • A. The vApp can only be deployed in an EVC enabled cluster.
  • B. The vApp must be created within a StorageDRS cluster.
  • C. Non
  • D. vSphere 6.5 does not support vApp deployments.
  • E. The vApp can only be created in a DRS enabled cluster.

Answer: D

Explanation: You need to turn on Vsphere DRS to create vApp.

When checking the distribution of virtual machines within a Fully Automated DRS cluster, an administrator notices an uneven spread across the hosts.
Which advanced option within DRS would attempt to evenly balance VMs across the hosts?

  • A. Disable DPM.
  • B. Set DRS Migration Threshold to Aggressive.
  • C. Enable VM Distribution.
  • D. Migrate virtual machines to a Distributed Switch.

Answer: C

Which is the predefined user name when publishing a Content Library?

  • A. admin
  • B. root
  • C. administrator
  • D. vcsp

Answer: D

An administrator would like to configure vSphere HA to use two isolation addresses. How would this affect the behavior of HA?

  • A. If both isolation addresses are not reachable, the host will be restarted by the HA agent.
  • B. If both isolation addresses are not reachable, the host will use the vCenter Server IP address as a final isolation address before being marked isolated.
  • C. If only one of the isolation addresses is reachable, the host will not be marked isolated by HA.
  • D. If only one of the isolation addresses is reachable, the host will be considered in an isolated by HA.

Answer: C

Explanation: if you use two isolation addresses, and if only one of the isolation addresses is reachable, the host will not be marked isolated by HA.

After deploying the vCenter Server Appliance, an administrator can log into the vSphere Web Client as “administrator@vSphere.local”, but not with Active Directory domain credentials.
Which action will troubleshoot this?

  • A. Create a domain group named “esxadmins” and add the domain account to it.
  • B. Add the Active Directory domain as a Single Sign-On identity source.
  • C. Change the Active Directory account password to match administrator@vSphere.local” password.
  • D. Create a child domain named “vSphere.local”.

Answer: B

Which feature is available for a virtual machine configured with DirectPath I/O?

  • A. DRS
  • B. Snapshots
  • C. Fault Tolerance
  • D. Clone

Answer: D

Explanation: The following features are unavailable for virtual machines configured with DirectPath:

Which three design requirements must be satisfied to enable RAID-6 objects in a VMware vSAN cluster? (Choose three.)

  • A. deduplication and compression
  • B. at least six hosts contributing storage
  • C. vSAN Advanced license or higher
  • D. vSAN stretched cluster
  • E. All Flash configuration

Answer: BCE


Which are two supported storage primitives for VAAI NAS? (Choose two.)

  • A. block zeroing
  • B. Reserve Space
  • C. hardware assisted locking
  • D. Full File Clone

Answer: AC

An administrator has enabled vSphere Distributed Switch Health Check. The hosts connected to that Distributed Switch all display an alert:
vSphere Distributed Switch MTU supported status
The administrator has all of the VMkernel ports MTU sizes set to 1600. Which action will remedy this problem?

  • A. Configure the Distributed Switch to MTU 9100.
  • B. Disconnect and reconnect the physical network cable.
  • C. Configure the physical switch to MTU 1600.
  • D. Disable the Distributed Switch MTU.

Answer: C

When upgrading a standalone vCenter Single Sign-On Server version 5.5 to version 6.5, which will be the final deployment type?

  • A. There is no option to do this type of upgrade.
  • B. It will be an external Platform Services Controller.
  • C. It will be an embedded Platform Services Controller with vCenter Server
  • D. It will be a Standalone vCenter Server.

Answer: B

You can upgrade an externally deployed vCenter Single Sign-On 5.5 to an externally deployed Platform Services Controller 6.5 instance by using the vCenter Server for Windows installer.

Which are four attributes of the Active vCenter HA node? (Choose four.)

  • A. It uses the vCenter HA network to communicate with the Witness node.
  • B. It constantly replicates vPostgres data with the Witness node.
  • C. It uses a public IP address for the management interface.
  • D. It runs the active vCenter Server Appliance instance.
  • E. It uses the vCenter HA network for replication of data.
  • F. It provides a quorum to protect against split-brain situations.

Answer: ACDE

Explanation: 2V0-622D dumps exhibit

What two VMware Remote Console Options can be defined in the virtual machine settings? (Choose two.)

  • A. Boot Delay
  • B. Maximum number of sessions
  • C. Total video memory
  • D. Guest OS lock

Answer: AD


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