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Q91. In a vSphere High Availability cluster, what is the VM Monitoring I/O stats interval default value?

A. 60 seconds

B. 90 seconds

C. 120 seconds

D. 180 seconds

Answer:: C

Q92. Which keystore would a vSphere Replication administrator use to manually add an additional Certificate Authority certificate?

A. hms-truststore.jks

B. hms-keystore.jks

C. certificates.ks

D. cacerts.ks

Answer: A

Q93. An administrator is able to manage an ESXi 6.x host connected to vCenter Server using the vSphere Web Client but is unable to connect to the host directly.

Which action should the administrator take to correct this behavior?

A. Restart management agents on the ESXi host.

B. Disable Lockdown Mode on the ESXi host through vCenter Server.

C. Disable the ESXi firewall with the command esxcli network firewall unload.

D. Reboot the ESXi host.

Answer: B

Q94. Which two vCenter Server services are migrated automatically as part of an upgrade from a Distributed vCenter Server running 5.x? (Choose two.)

A. vCenter Single Sign-on Service

B. vSphere Web Client

C. vSphere Inventory Service

D. Storage Policy Based Management

Answer: B,C

Q95. Refer to the Exhibit.

An administrator receives an error on a vSphere cluster as shown in the Exhibit.

Based on the exhibit, which three configuration changes can resolve the error? (Choose three.)

A. Change the Admission Control policy for the cluster.

B. Adjust CPU and Memory reservations of the virtual machines.

C. Increase the amount of failover resources in the cluster.

D. Reconfigure the ESXi host cluster for High Availability.

E. Disable Virtual Machine Monitoring.

Answer: A,B,C

Q96. What is the maximum number of snapshot instances in vSphere Replication that can be configured to recover a virtual machine at a specific point in time?

A. 16

B. 24

C. 48

D. 72

Answer: B

Q97. Refer to the Exhibit.

A vSphere 6.x environment is configured with VMware Virtual Volumes (VVOLs). An administrator accesses the cluster Actions menu, as shown in the Exhibit.

Which option is used to create a VVOL on an existing VVOL container?

A. Storage

B. Deploy OVF Template

C. New vApp

D. Settings

Answer: A

Q98. Refer to the Exhibit.

An administrator has configured Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) groups and Affinity Rules as shown in the Exhibit.

Based on the exhibit, which two statements are true? (Choose two.)

A. If ESXi-A and ESXi-D failed, VM-A and VM-B would not failover.

B. A new conflicting affinity rule will be disabled by default.

C. VM-B and VM-D can run on the same hosts.

D. The administrator must disable Rule3 in order to enable Rule4.

Answer: B,D

Q99. What are two ways to view the DNS settings for an ESXi 6.x host? (Choose two.)

A. Use the vicfg-dns command from the vSphere Management Appliance.

B. View the /etc/resolv.conf file on the ESXi host.

C. Use vicfg-dns command on the ESXi host.

D. View the /etc/dns.conf file on the ESXi host.

Answer: A,B

Q100. An ESXi 6.x host in the vCenter Server inventory has disconnected due to an All Paths Down (APD) situation. An administrator has corrected the APD issue on the host, but it still remains disconnected.

What action should the administrator take next?

A. Select Restart Management Agents from the DCUI.

B. Execute esxcli system settings advanced set -d /Scsi/FailVMIOonAPD.

C. Modify the advanced parameter /Disk/ApdTokenRetryCount.

D. Enable the advanced parameter /Misc/APDHandlingEnable.

Answer: A