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Q11. When a Content Library is deleted, what happens to the files contained on the backing storage? 

A. The files will be unchanged. 

B. The files will be deleted. 

C. The files will remain and be marked as orphaned. 

D. The containing folder will be marked as orphaned. 


Q12. An administrator wants to select a Host Power Management Policy for an ESXi 6.x host that will disable most hardware power management features. 

Which Host Power Management Policy should be selected to meet this requirement? 

A. High Performance 

B. Balanced 

C. Low Power 

D. Disabled 


Q13. During a vCenter Server upgrade, an ESXi 6.x host in a High Availability (HA) cluster fails. 

Which statement is true? 

A. HA will fail the virtual machines over to an available host during the vCenter Server upgrade process. 

B. HA is unavailable during the vCenter Server upgrade process. 

C. HA will fail the virtual machines over to an available host after the vCenter Server upgrade completes. 

D. HA will successfully vMotion the virtual machines during the host failure. 


Q14. An administrator would like to use a passphrase for their ESXi 6.x hosts which has these characteristics: 

. Minimum of 21 characters 

. Minimum of 2 words 

Which advanced options must be set to allow this passphrase configuration to be used? 

A. retry=3 min=disabled, disabled, 7, 21, 7 passphrase=2 

B. retry=3 min=disabled, disabled, 21, 7, 7 passphrase=2 

C. retry=3 min=disabled, disabled, 2, 21, 7 

D. retry=3 min=disabled, disabled, 21, 21, 2 


Q15. Refer to the Exhibit. 

An administrator would like to add Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol (CHAP) to an iSCSI adapter. The administrator accesses the Storage Adapters menu as shown in the Exhibit. 

In which tab can the task be accomplished? 

A. Properties 

B. Advanced Options 

C. Targets 

D. Devices 


Q16. An administrator uses the df -h command and notices that an NFS datastore is reporting a 

capacity of 0 Bytes. 

What condition would cause this to occur? 

A. The NFS server on which the datastore resides is down. 

B. The datastore was mounted as Read/Write. 

C. The datastore was mounted as Read-Only. 

D. The datastore was created with NFS version 4.1. 


Q17. An administrator tries to run esxtop to troubleshoot CPU performance issues, but no output is displayed. 

How can the issue be resolved? 

A. esxtop is deprecated in vSphere 6.x, resxtop must be used to produce the desired output. 

B. In esxtop, press f and place an asterisk next to each field that should be displayed. 

C. sudo should be run in front of esxtop to give the administrator the proper permissions. 

D. The esxtop command must be run from the /proc directory to produce output. 


Q18. An administrator wants to configure a High Availability cluster to allow virtual machines a 10 minute window to shut down in the event of a Host Isolation incident. 

What two configuration settings would satisfy this requirement? (Choose two.) 

A. Set the advanced option das.isolationshutdowntimeout = 10. 

B. Set the advanced option das.isolationshutdowntimeout = 600. 

C. Configure Host Isolation Response to Shut Down and Restart VMs. 

D. Configure Host Isolation Response to Power Off and Restart VMs. 

Answer: B,C 

Q19. An administrator would like to use the VMware Certificate Authority (VMCA) as an Intermediate Certificate Authority (CA). The first two steps performed are: 

. Replace the Root Certificate 

. Replace Machine Certificates (Intermediate CA) 

Which two steps would need to be performed next? (Choose two.) 

A. Replace Solution User Certificates (Intermediate CA) 

B. Replace the VMware Directory Service Certificate (Intermediate CA) 

C. Replace the VMware Directory Service Certificate 

D. Replace Solution User Certificates 

Answer: A,C 

Q20. To reduce the attack vectors for a virtual machine, which two settings should an administrator set to false? (Choose two.) 

A. ideX:Y.present 

B. serial.present 

C. ideX:Y.enabled 

D. serial.enabled 

Answer: A,B