Exam Code: 2V0-621 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: VMware Certified Professional 6 – Data Center Virtualization
Certification Provider: VMware
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Q31. An administrator wants to power on a virtual machine (VM) while connected to an ESXi host using SSH. The VM has the following Name and ID: 

. VM Name = SQL001 

. VMID = 12345 

Which command would successfully power on the virtual machine? 

A. vim-cmd vmsvc/power.on 12345 

B. vim-cmd vmsvc/power.on SQL001 

C. vmware-vim-cmd vmsvc/power.on 12345 

D. vmware-vim-cmd vmsvc/power.on SQL001 


Q32. An administrator with global administrator privileges creates a custom role but fails to assign any privileges to it. 

Which two privileges would the custom role have? (Choose two.) 

A. System.View 

B. System.Anonymous 

C. System.User 

D. System.ReadOnly 

Answer: A,B 

Q33. An administrator wants to reduce the memory overhead for a 3D graphics enabled virtual machine (VM). 

What advanced feature can be added to the VM configuration file to reduce memory overhead? 

A. vga.vgaOnly=TRUE 

B. vga.svgaEnable=FALSE 

C. svgaEnabled=FALSE 

D. svgaDisable=TRUE 


Q34. When attempting to log in with the vSphere Web Client, users have reported the error: 

Incorrect Username/Password 

The administrator has configured the Platform Services Controller Identity Source as: 

Type. Active Directory as an LDAP Server 

Domain: vmware.com 

Alias: VMWARE 

Default Domain: Yes 

Which two statements would explain why users cannot login to the vSphere Web Client? (Choose two.) 

A. Users are typing the password incorrectly. 

B. Users are in a forest that has 1-way trust. 

C. Users are in a forest that has 2-way trust. 

D. Users are logging into vCenter Server with incorrect permissions. 

Answer: A,B 

Q35. Deletion of an NFS datastore generates the following error: 

Sysinfo error on operation returned the following status: Busy 

Which step can be performed that will allow the deletion to complete successfully? 

A. Storage vMotion any virtual machines on the datastore to another location. 

B. Remove the datastore from the Storage DRS cluster in which it resides. 

C. Verify the value of the NFS.HeartbeatDelta is not set to 0. 

D. Suspend any running virtual machines and unmount the NFS datstore. 


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Q36. Refer to the Exhibit. 

An administrator is attempting to enable Enhanced vMotion Compatibility (EVC), but receives the error shown in the Exhibit. 

Which condition would explain the error? 

A. The ESXi hosts are not licensed for EVC. 

B. The administrator does not have privileges to enable EVC. 

C. The ESXi host CPU has the Intel No-Execute feature disabled. 

D. The administrator has turned on Intel Virtualization Technology. 


Q37. Refer to the Exhibit. 

An administrator has configured a vSphere 6.x DRS cluster as shown in the Exhibit. 

Based on the exhibit, which statement is true? 

A. A virtual machine can be powered on in the Test Resource Pool with a 6 GB Memory Reservation. 

B. A virtual machine can be powered on in the Dev Resource Pool with a 8 GB Memory Reservation. 

C. A virtual machine from both the Test Resource Pool and the Dev Resource Pool can be powered on with a 4 GB Memory Reservation. 

D. No more virtual machines can be powered on due to insufficient resources. 


Q38. Which three logs can be reviewed to troubleshoot a vCenter Server upgrade failure? (Choose three.) 

A. vminst.log 

B. vim-vcs-msi.log 

C. pkgmgr.log 

D. vc-upgrade.log 

E. firstboot.log 

Answer: A,B,C 

Q39. Refer to the Exhibit. 

Which tab shows the Hardware Acceleration support status? 

A. Devices 

B. Properties 

C. Paths 

D. Advanced Options 


Q40. Refer to the Exhibit. 

An administrator receives an error on a vSphere cluster as shown in the Exhibit. 

Based on the exhibit, which three configuration changes can resolve the error? (Choose three.) 

A. Change the Admission Control policy for the cluster. 

B. Adjust CPU and Memory reservations of the virtual machines. 

C. Increase the amount of failover resources in the cluster. 

D. Reconfigure the ESXi host cluster for High Availability. 

E. Disable Virtual Machine Monitoring. 

Answer: A,B,C