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Q61. Which two Fibre Channel zoning options are supported with vSphere 6.x? (Choose two.) 

A. Single-Initiator 

B. Single-Initiator-Single-Target 

C. Multiple-Initiators-Single-Target 

D. Multiple-Initiators-Multiple-Targets 

Answer: A,B 

Q62. During a new vSphere Distributed Switch configuration, where does the Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) value get modified? 

A. Uplink Settings 

B. Switch Settings 

C. Portgroup Settings 

D. NIC Teaming Settings 


Q63. Refer to the Exhibit. 

An administrator is configuring an ESXi 6.x host to use multiple NICs to resolve a management network redundancy error. After configuring a second NIC, the server is not able to communicate when the primary connection is taken down. The administrator analyzes the Exhibit shown here. 

Based on the exhibit, what is the likely cause of the issue? 

A. vmnic4 is not attached to a vSwitch. 

B. vmnic2 is not connected to a physical switch. 

C. E1000 is the incorrect NIC Driver for this card. 

D. There is a MAC address conflict on the network. 


Q64. An administrator is migrating a virtual machine from a Test cluster to a Production cluster. The two environments do not have any shared storage. 

What is the easiest way to accomplish this task? 

A. Perform a Storage vMotion. 

B. Perform a regular vMotion. 

C. Perform a Virtual to Virtual migration. 

D. Perform a backup and restore using VMware Data Protection. 


Q65. During the installation of ESXi 6.0, the following error message is reported: Hardware Virtualization is not a feature of the CPU, or is not enabled in the BIOS. 

Which condition would generate this message? 

A. LAHF/SAHF is not enabled in the BIOS. 

B. NX/XD is not enabled in the BIOS. 

C. SSE3 is not enabled in the BIOS. 

D. Hyperthreading is not enabled in the BIOS. 


Q66. Immediately after installing ESXi, an administrator observes that the Configure Lockdown Mode option is grayed out in the Direct Console User Interface (DCUI). 

What is the most likely explanation? 

A. The host has not yet been added to a vCenter Server. 

B. The BIOS on the host does not have NX/XD enabled. 

C. The ESXi host is running in evaluation mode. 

D. The host requires a reboot before this feature is available. 


Q67. In order for a company to meet regulatory requirements, all ESXi 6.x Hosts must be configured to direct logs to a syslog server. 

What are two ways ESXi hosts can configured for this action? (Choose two) 

A. Use the esxcli system syslog command. 

B. Edit them in the ESXi host Advanced System Settings. 

C. From the Syslog collector user interface of the Web Client. 

D. Syslog logging is not available for ESXi Hosts. 

Answer: A,B 

Q68. An administrator needs to verify that vMotion operations can be performed in a vSphere data center. 

What round trip time (RTT) latency is the maximum value that will allow vMotion operations to succeed? 

A. 50ms RTT 

B. 100ms RTT 

C. 150ms RTT 

D. 200ms RTT 


Q69. Refer to the Exhibit. -- Exhibit --

-- Exhibit --An administrator has configured network connectivity for a new virtual machine, as shown in the Exhibit. 

What will occur with the network traffic of this virtual machine when communicating externally from vSwitch1? 

A. The virtual machine will communicate on both uplinks 

B. The virtual machine will only communicate on vmnic1 

C. The virtual machine will only communicate on vmnic2 

D. The virtual machine will fail to communicate externally 


Q70. Refer to the Exhibit. 

A storage administrator has reported that full utilization of all bandwidth from an ESXi 6.x host is not being seen. In troubleshooting the issue, the Adapter details are shown in the Exhibit. 

Based on the exhibit, what is cause of the issue? 

A. The array is not setup to use the correct multipathing policy. 

B. There are no virtual machines on the ESXi host. 

C. Not all links are used because a path is disabled. 

D. Another path needs to be configured.