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Q131. Ann reports that printouts from the department laser printer have become faded. She has already replaced the toner cartridge. Which of the following is the MOST likely component causing the faded printing? 

A. Transfer roller 

B. Fusing assembly 

C. Registration assembly 

D. Duplexing assembly 


Q132. When using Microsoft Windows 8.1 Operating System, which of the following features allows scripts and snippets to run? 

A. One Drive 

B. XP Mode 

C. Power Shell 

D. Windows Firewall 


Q133. A large magnet is placed too close to a CRT monitor. Which of the following will MOST likely occur? 

A. Dead pixels 

B. Flickering image 

C. No image on screen 

D. Distorted image 


Q134. A technician would like to ensure all previous data is erased before reloading Windows 7 

Home Premium onto a laptop. Which of the following procedures would accomplish this? 

A. Virtual RAID configuration 

B. Quick format 

C. New partition 

D. Full format 


Q135. Which of the following Windows utilities would MOST likely be used to identify system errors? 

A. System Restore 

B. Event Viewer 

C. Security Center 

D. Windows Defender 


Q136. Joe, a user, just downloaded a game onto his company phone. When he is not using the device, it unexpectedly dials unrecognized numbers and downloads new content. Joe is the victim of which of the following? 

A. Trojan horse 

B. Spyware 

C. Social engineering 

D. Worms 


Q137. Which of the following file system types is used primarily for optical media? 

A. FAT32 





Q138. A customer with a PC has requested assistance setting up Windows 7 parental controls within the web browser. The customer would like to limit how much time a child can spend on a particular website. Which of the following tabs under Internet Options will allow the 

user to create those settings? 

A. Privacy 

B. Advanced 

C. Security 

D. Content 


Q139. A technician is navigating through a Windows OS via command prompt. The technician needs to display the content of a folder. Which of the following is the BEST option for accomplishing this task? 

A. dir 

B. ls 

C. rd 

D. cmd 


Q140. A technician must secure company documents from accidental disclosure. Which of the following should be implemented? (Select TWO). 

A. User training 

B. Anti-malware 

C. Paper shredding 

D. Time of day restrictions 

E. Employee badges 

F. Mantraps 

Answer: A,C