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Q101. A user is unable to find the preferred default network printer in the printers list in the user profile. Which of the following is the FIRST step that should be taken? 

A. Map printer 

B. Reboot computer 

C. Check to see if printer is turned on 

D. Log in as a different user and see if printer is mapped 


Q102. A technician troubleshooting a computer finds a faulty video card and needs to replace it. Which of the following safety procedures should be used to prevent damaging the new part? 

A. Ground the computer and remove jewelry. 

B. Self ground and handle the new card by the edges. 

C. Place the computer on an ESD mat. 

D. Attach an ESD strap to the new card during handling. 


Q103. A user calls the help desk because a folder containing critical business files is missing from the local drive. The user is adamant that the folder was there the previous day, and cannot understand why it is gone. The technician views the properties of the parent folder and sees a back up listed on the “Prior Versions” tab. According to the theory of troubleshooting, which of the following is the technician’s NEXT step? 

A. Establish a theory of probable cause 

B. Establish a plan of action and implement the solution 

C. Document findings, actions and outcomes 

D. Verify full system functionality and implement preventive measures 


Q104. Which of the following is the BEST license type to comply with end user licensing agreement (EULA) terms for commercial software used by multiple users in a corporate environment? 

A. Commercial license 

B. Enterprise license 

C. Seat license 

D. Open source license 


Q105. A technician is trying to prevent a local application from reaching the web due to security concerns. Which of the following solutions could BEST prevent the application from reaching the web? (Select TWO). 

A. Configure the workstation for a static IP 

B. Disable all wireless network connections 

C. Remove shortcuts to the application 

D. Block the application in Windows Firewall 

E. Change network location to Work 

F. Reroute the web address in HOSTS file 

Answer: D,F 

Q106. A technician is tasked with removing a virus file that created a custom service. The technician has located the file to be removed using an antivirus scanner, but the scanner did not successfully remove the file. When the technician attempts to manually remove the file, an error message appears that says, “The file is in use by another program.” Which of the following tools would be the BEST to use to correct the issue? 

A. Terminal 


C. Event Viewer 

D. Services Console 

E. Recovery Console 


Q107. A technician is called into the office during a thunderstorm. Users are reporting that machines are intermittently powering off. Which of the following will BEST prevent user data loss? 

A. Auto save 

B. A surge protector 

C. An ESD mat 



Q108. Which of the following identifies traffic based upon its physical network address? 

A. Phishing 

B. Hashing 

C. MAC filtering 

D. Geotracking 


Q109. A technician has purchased a new surge protector to protect equipment in the production environment. The surge protector’s features safeguard the connected equipment by directing surges to the: 

A. path of shortest conductance. 

B. path of lowest inductance. 

C. path of highest voltage. 

D. path of least resistance. 


Q110. A user reports that a file they shared out on their computer for another network user is not accessible to the third party. The user insists they specifically gave this third party Allow rights for Read and Write access. Which of the following could explain the problem at hand? 

A. The parent folder has explicit Allow rights set for this user. 

B. The parent folder has explicit Deny rights set for this user. 

C. The user forgot to share the parent folder and only shared the specific file. 

D. The parent folder likely has the “archive” attribute enabled.