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Q21. A technician gets a call from a customer stating that their computer will not boot. They are getting the following error “invalid system disk”. Which of the following should the technician check FIRST? 

A. Verify the operating system is installed correctly. 

B. Verify that all removable drives are empty. 

C. Verify Boot.ini is on the hard drive. 

D. Verify the computer will boot into safe mode. 


Q22. Which of the following prevention methods is considered to be digital security? 

A. RFID badge 

B. Mantrap 

C. Biometrics 

D. Firewalls 

E. ID badge 


Q23. An IR printer stops working for half of an office while the other half is able to print. Which of the following should be checked FIRST? 

A. Proper lighting 

B. Paper levels 

C. Physical obstructions 

D. Printer share name 


Q24. A user reports paper jams at the location of the paper trays. Which of the following components would need to be replaced to resolve this issue? 

A. Fuser 

B. Duplexer 

C. Pickup roller 

D. Imaging drum 


Q25. A new help desk technician receives a trouble call from a user. The issue is something the technician has never encountered before, and does not know where to begin troubleshooting. The FIRST course of action is for the technician to: 

A. tell the customer the issue needs to be escalated to a higher tier technician. 

B. ask the customer if they would mind holding for no more than two minutes to check resources. 

C. tell the customer this is the first time encountering the issue and to please be patient. 

D. ask the customer to please hold while a senior technician is consulted regarding the issue. 


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Q26. A customer is experiencing issues with email and calls the help desk. The technician 

determines it would help clarify the issue if the customer agrees to share their desktop. Prior to establishing a Remote Desktop Assistance connection with a customer, a technician should ask the customer to: 

A. close any items of a personal nature. 

B. reboot the computer and log back in. 

C. capture a screen-shot of the error message. 

D. take steps to reproduce the error. 


Q27. A technician is tasked with installing Windows on numerous network PCs. Which of the following is the QUICKEST method for getting a standard configuration to the PCs? 

A. Prebuilt image using PXE 

B. Single solid state/flash drive with answer file 

C. Hot swappable image drive 

D. Internal hard drive partition with the image 


Q28. A customer reports very slow wireless connection speeds in the new office. Which of the following tools should a technician use to troubleshoot the issue? 

A. WiFi analyzer 

B. Loopback plug 

C. Signal booster 

D. Packet sniffer 


Q29. A user is trying to access an application on their home machine from work. The user sets up port forwarding on their router but is still unable to connect to the application. Which of the following should be the user’s NEXT step in resolving this issue? 

A. Configure Wake-on-LAN for the NIC on the Work PC. 

B. Configure a firewall exception on the Home PC. 

C. Switch the Work PC network from “Work” to “Home”. 

D. Disable the Windows firewall on the Home PC. 


Q30. Joe, a user, states he is unable to use his Android phone after updating the OS. Joe is in a hurry and would like a quick solution that would most likely fix the issue. Which of the following methods can the technician use? 

A. Initiate a factory reset 

B. Perform a hard reset 

C. Remove the MicroSD card 

D. Rollback the OS update