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Q11. A computer technician is responding to a call about a printer that is causing streaks to appear on every printout. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause?

A. Duplex unit

B. Toner cartridge

C. Imaging drum

D. Pickup rollers

Answer: C

Q12. A network technician has been tasked with deploying new VoIP phones on a network. When the technician plugs the Ethernet cable for the phone into the wall port, the phone fails to turn on. When the technician plugs the Ethernet cable directly into the computer, the computer is able to access the network. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of this issue?

A. The network switch does not support PoE

B. The technician is connecting the phone to the wrong type of port

C. The firewall on the network is blocking access to the DHCP server

D. The Ethernet cable is the wrong type

Answer: A


Drag and drop the characteristics to the correct printer types. Options may be used once.


Q14. A home user’s PC has an over-clocked CPU with a relatively small heat sync, small fans on the 800W power supply, and a high-end video card. Which of the following is the recommended solution that will manage heat more effectively?

A. Replace the CPU heat sync with a high RPM fan

B. Purchase an energy efficient power supply

C. Not over-clocking the CPU

D. Liquid cooling system

Answer: D

Q15. A group of users need to connect directly to a printer with continuous access. Which of the following connection types will achieve this?

A. Serial

B. Ethernet



Answer: B

Q16. Which of the following types of expansion slots is MOST frequently found in blade servers?




D. miniPCI

Answer: C

Q17. A technician is installing Hyper-V and is getting an error that the software is not able to be installed. Which of the following processor characteristics should be checked?

A. Cache size

B. Virtualization support

C. Number of cores

D. Hyperthreading

Answer: B

Q18. A technician has just installed a new SOHO router. There are four people sharing the Internet connection, and whenever one specific user comes online and begins streaming media, browsing slows down for the other users. Which of the following settings can the technician adjust so the experience is universal for all users?


B. QoS



Answer:: B

Q19. A technician is asked to install Microsoft office directly on a customer’s computing device. The technician notifies the customer that office cannot be installed directly on that device. Which of the following device types does the customer have?

A. Mac

B. Thick client

C. Thin client

D. Phablet

Answer: C

Q20. A technician needs to run a cable for a new computer and the requirement is CAT6. Which of the following wiring connectors should the technician use when terminating the cable?


B. RJ-12

C. RJ-45


E. F-connector

Answer:: C