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You would like to build a PC for storage redundancy. Select the appropriate IDE drives and build the PC for MAXIMUM performance, while using the MINIMUM amount of drives.


Q82. To configure two drives for MAXIMUM performance, which of the following RAID types should be used?




D. RAID 10

Answer: A

Q83. A user wishes to dispose of a CRT monitor that is no longer working. Which of the following steps should a technician complete before proceeding with the disposal?

A. Break the glass in the CRT in a controlled environment to prevent injury

B. Discharge all capacitors in the CRT and remove them before disposal

C. Ensure familiarity and compliance with all relevant local regulations

D. Ensure that the monitor is no longer working and repair if possible

Answer: C

Q84. A technician has been tasked with setting up email on a user’s phone. The user also wants the email to remain on the server. Which of the following ports would be BEST for setting up the phone?

A. 80

B. 110

C. 143

D. 443

Answer: C

Q85. Which of the following technologies is responsible for communication with the CPU?


B. PCI express

C. Southbridge

D. Northbridge

Answer: D

Q86. Which of the following panel types would allow for the THINNEST possible display





D. Plasma

Answer: A

Q87. A technician cannot communicate with one particular IP address and needs to narrow down where the traffic is stopping. Which of the following commands would be used to determine this?

A. nslookup

B. ipconfig

C. nbtstat

D. ping

E. tracert

Answer: E

Q88. A small workgroup inherits a second-hand printer without networking capabilities. Which of the following is the BEST method of sharing this resource among the workgroup?

A. Connect the printer to a Bluetooth adapter in order for the users to print

B. Connect the printer by using the onboard Infrared port

C. Connect the printer to a user’s workstation and share the device

D. Connect the printer to a parallel switch box

Answer:: C

Q89. A machine receives an IP address starting with 169.254.x.x when which of the following occurs?

A. When the machine is using IPv6

B. When the next IP range begins with 169.253

C. When the DHCP server does not respond

D. When the operating system is Unix or Linux

Answer: C

Q90. A technician is troubleshooting a desktop that is having intermittent issues with locking up and system errors. The technician suspects that the problem might be that not enough power is getting to the motherboard. Which of the following tools would a technician use to determine if the hypothesis is correct?

A. POST card

B. Loopback plug

C. Multimeter

D. Cable tester

Answer: C